Get Ready for B2S Bash 2015!

That's right, my friends! It's that time of year. Back to School Bash 2015 begins tomorrow where we will introduce you to all of the amazing prizes and sponsors. Then you can enter to win big beginning on July 31st. This year we have over $5,000 in back to school swag! No, read that right! $5,000!!! People love them some teachers y'all! 

So join me and some of my blogging besties below for some amazing giveaways this week. It all begins tomorrow when we will introduce our 18 BASH BASKETS! Be sure you get yourself a head start and follow all of these amazing blogs and their instagram accounts. Believe me...this year you don't miss a thing! 


See you all tomorrow! 


ES said...

$5000? That's crazy talk. So excited- especially as you guys always have great info and visuals to get me pumped for the start of a new school year.

My Bright Blue House

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