No Nose-Picking Zone!

Seriously, guys. I LITERALLY CAN'T EVEN. This is my 8th year teaching and I've never had such a huge nose-picking problem in my classroom. I'm constantly looking out to those sweet kiddos and teaching my lesson and feeling all cool...and then BAM! I see 5 out of 25 kids picking their nose and some of them eating it. See why I said earlier I LITERALLY CAN'T EVEN. 

I tried this little phrase for a while and it worked for about 2 days and really all it did was make my tissue stash dwindle. #epicfail

So I took to Instagram and y'all helped me. I ordered this book:

I mean, the title alone made me laugh out loud. I'm a Booger, Treat Me With Respect!
I also downloaded this sign from The Teacher Wife.

^^^ See what I did there? ^^^

And I had to really make it STICK (no pun intended) and include writing integration. 

Download this writing page {here}!

So I read the book, we all laughed together about it and I gagged on a couple of the pages- but all in all my students were in agreement that not only is nose-picking GROSS but it spreads germs. And ain't nobody got time for that. 


Katie said...

This is awesome. The same exact thing happens with me - I'm teaching and look up and think WHATTT! I'll tell students to put their hands in their laps or to go and get hand sanitizer to make them realize I can see them (sometimes I think they think no one can see them pick their nose - they'll even hold the other hand over their face - seriously cracks me up). I'm going to have to try this book...thanks for the poster too!
Teaching Voracious Learners

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!! 21 years in 2nd grade and I have a big group of pickets this year. I have stopped several times this week and discussed the topic. Maybe this will help--- thanks for sharing!!!!

Eric and Shaunna said...

I started to use the threat of "The Nose-Picking Chair."
Whenever I saw a student picking their nose, I would calmly say, "Uh-Oh! It looks like someone might need to sit in my Nose-Picking Chair!" All the students would look around the room (including the offending party)looking for the guilty one. After doing this, I noticed a significant drop with this problem.
(I didn't really have a chair for this but the threat of sitting on one was enough!) :) Love those silly first graders!

Owls and Lessons, Etc. said...

I had one child who would pick her nose and then proceed to use my books as her tissues...the kids wouldn't read any of my books because they were "booger books." I was furious, after the gagging stopped! I wish I'd had these resources to use back then...bleh!

Owls & Lessons, Etc.

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