Am I Too Late to Post This?

Maybe you can use it next year???

Being in year round school {we're in school until July}, this time of the year is very difficult for my students {and me too}. The traditional schools are already out of school for summer, the weather is great, and we all have "summer fever"...which makes for a little stress on my behavior management.  The behavior of my students always takes a slight step back.  Since it takes a step back, I guess I'll have to!  Talking to teachers on my team, they told us that at the end of the year, they start a money management system by giving school money out to students who are following the expectations. Then they have a class store/party {we'll have parent volunteers donate items and their time} at the end where they can buy things. HALLELUJAH! It's exactly what we needed {me and my teammate who works on the same track as I}. So, I ran with it and started creating!  I created a packet to explain the money management. I know some of you are out of school already, but print it and save it for next year! This could work for any grade level {I'm using it in 1st grade}.

Here are a few things from the packet...


 Parent Volunteer Letter:

 Supplies need for end of the year class store:

Signs to help the students navigate {7 total}:

 Receipts from the class store:
 Labels {use Avery 5160}  for your "Wallet" {it's a ziplock your kiddos put their coins in}:

If you would like the labels that go on the ziplock baggies {Wallets}, you must click {here}
I could not get those little guys to format in my packet!

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Summer Bucket List - ABC Style

Summer is so close, I can almost taste it! 

I've got big plans this summer! Plans that involve taking my two sweet kiddos to new and exciting places, plans to meet up with some of my very favorite teacher-bloggers in Vegas, and plans of staying up late and sleeping in as long as possible (with two little kids, the sleeping in thing doesn't mean much... haha!).

Did I {Natalie} ever mention that I'll be moving my classroom this summer and making a pretty BIG career change as well?! 

Even though my whole heart is in 5th grade, this coming year I'll be returning next year as the K-6 computer specialist for my school!! I definitely have mixed emotions about this change, but ultimately it will be better for my family. (Less grading, less planning, less stress!) It will be a fun new adventure and I'm mostly looking forward to the challenge that this new position will bring. Plus, I have big plans for my new classroom!

Having said that.. let me present to you my 'ABC's of Summer' bucket list!

Cute rainbow scallop frame: Ashley Hughes
Rainbow letters: LittleRed

I invite you all to download my editable ABC's of Summer template and post your very own summer bucket list on your blog! Leave a comment with the link to your post here, so we can find you and see your fun plans. Also, please link your post back to this one as the original source.

YAY for summer!!
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Narrative Writing, Charlotte's Web, and Glasses

I'm SO proud of my students' writing! They really are doing so great. I almost get teary eyed thinking about it and then I remember that even though they are ready for 2nd grade (and that makes me sad for them to not be in my class anymore).... summer break is almost here and I'm READY for that! ;) 

Yes it's the end of the year and YES we are still writing, learning, and meeting standards in the CCSS!

We read this book (because we already read Miss Nelson is Missing):

I mean... how FUNNY is this?!?!??!

Download the writing paper and pre-write page {here} and {here}

We are just about finished reading Charlotte's Web for our read-a-loud and my kiddos are OBSESSED!  They love it so much, that 3 of them checked it out of the library so they could re-read it. :) So cute!  As we've been reading, we've been talking a lot about the different characters. I have been using Abby's Charlotte's Web unit a lot, too (that's where the picture cards came from)!

Then, I had my students decide out of Charlotte or Wilber, who was their favorite character. This was a *TOUGH* decision for many students! They wrote about that character and why they were their favorite (opinion and informative). Then, they made a simple paper-plate craft.

Click {here} to download the writing paper

And I shared this on our Instagram (@whattheteacherwants) for today's #teachertalktuesday and I was worried! But... people liked my glasses! I was worried that they made me look too old. My hubby says I look "sexy". Um.. that's sweet and no you can't get out of doing the dishes just for saying that. ;)

9 Days Left...

Wow!! Only 9 days left for me!! 
{Rachelle is in year round school and still has a whole month left...sadface!}

Here's an end-of-year memory book I've been working on for my 5th graders. It will be great to use as a mini yearbook and a way for students to reflect and remember the all the things we've learned this year!

This is a 12 page document that has been formatted into a pamphlet style in order to save on paper costs. (I don't know about you, but our school is majorly low on paper right now!) When copied on both sides, and folded down the middle, this book will only use 3 pieces of paper per student. 

Here's a glance at what's included:
*Cover Page 
(2 options - one in color and one in black and white)
*My favorites
*Self portrait and paragraph about me
*My teacher page
*Autograph pages
*A year of learning
*Top 10 memories
*Favorite field trip 
*A letter to myself

This pack will be on sale for tonight and tomorrow.

How many days of school do you have left?
Any big plans for summer? 

End of Year Favorites

Do you hear that?  It's the end of the year is knocking on your door. :)
It's that time of year (for SOME of us...not me)!!!  

Well, I'm still in school until July (year round), but I know some of my cute friends around the country are counting down their last days! I hope this one can help you.  It's a fun one, for sure.  Who doesn't want to have a MOON balloon countdown in their classroom?!?!

I've made a packet that is full of end of the year fun!  This alien/space themed packet has lots of fun activities for you and your kiddos to take a walk down memory lane and then get ready for the next year!

Included in this packet:

* This grade was out of this world {writing}

*My teacher is a star {writing}

*Blast off to ___ grade! {writing}

*Blast off to ___ grade questionnaire {writing}

*Blast off craft
*Alien headband craft
*Was this year over the moon? {survey and graph}
* I spy a moon pie! {spelling and/or sight word practice}
*Moon Pie, Moon Walk {poetry walk}
*Moon Pie taste test {graphing}
*Stars bubble map
*Stars informational writing
*Moon bubble map
*Moon informational writing
*Pop the Moon Balloon with memory book

My favorite activity:


End of the year behavior problems? Enter in Bieber and Skywalker:

Or perhaps you like the more "kid-friendly" pictures of these two. How adorbs:

Read more on this FREE end of year behavior tool {here}!


What about a fun freebie to reminisce about all of the things you've taught your kiddos the past 9 months?

Download this {here}


And do not forget to post on your Instagram and use the hashtag #teachertalktuesday
It's tomorrow!!!!

Check Out These Items!

The teacher appreciation sale over at Teachers Pay Teachers is now winding down. Only a few more hours to save up to 28% off of cute and educational resources for your classroom! 
{The sale goes until midnight in Hawaii - so there's still some time left!)

Here's one more peek at some of the items you might want to add to your shopping cart tonight!

Thanks so much and happy shopping!!

P.S. Brownie points will be awarded 
to anyone who leaves a comment 
telling us which resource you purchased
 from our stores during this sale. 

Teacher Appreciation Sale!!

We LOVE shopping!!
 My wish list is FULL and I need to move those items over to my cart so I can save up to 28%!!!  Use the code TAD13 at check-out, too!

 photo WTTWTPTRachelle.png
This Rockin' Math Review for 1st grade is full of fun activities and games to review the 1st grade math Common Core!

Also available for Kindergarten teachers!! All activities are aligned to the kinder Common Core!

TpT Natalie

This 66 page document is a great supplemental resource for your geometry and measurement units. It is tied to the Common Core for grades 3-6 and contains many resources to teach linear geometry, polygons, and geometric measurement. It includes teaching posters, graphic organizers for math journals, geometry activities, and practice problems. 

It would be great for the end of year to re-teach what you've taught and also to get students ready for next year!!

If you still aren't sure what your students should give to their moms this Mother's Day, I suggest you take a look at this! This heart-shaped book is a great writing tool and will make every mom happy!

We hope you join us for this year's Teacher Appreciation sale!! It's a great time to buy end of year materials, and also to stock up on things you want for next year! At 28% off, this is a GREAT time to buy!

Instagram Apps

With the success of Teacher Talk Tuesday (#teachertalktuesday on Instagram), I thought I'd show you a few of my favorite apps to make my pictures unique Instagram! 

First up... you want to know how to do this?

It's one of my favorite apps called BubbleFrame.  You can even add words to your pictures, if you'd like! There are also a lot of cute backgrounds to use.

Many of you wanted to be able to show a few pictures in one Instagram post, like this:

I use the app Frametastic, but really there are tons of great apps for this one!

Sometimes, photos I take on my phone, don't quite crop or fit like I want them to, so I use Whitagram. It's a great app, too!

Whitagram basically adds a white (or colored) border to your pictures to make them crop properly. 

Head over to Apples and ABC's because Michelle has some GREAT Instagram info for you, too!!!! Love her!!!

Next week... I fill you in on my favorite photo editing apps! And in case you missed on our Facebook, how to make 2 Instagram profiles, you can click (here).

Rockin' Math Review Centers {Kindergarten CCSS Aligned}

They are FINALLY finished!! I heard you, people! You wanted the kinder version of my review math centers for 1st grade.  Sooo... here they are! :)

1st Grade Version

There are 18 centers!
Included in this pack:
I Can Posters for each game
Common Core Alignment pages
Problem Solving Serenade {problem solving}
You’re a Star {missing addend}
Pop Star Properties {add/subtract properties}
Star-Worthy Spinners {add and subtract}
True of False {equal/not equal equations}
Pitch Perfect {missing addend}
Key Me In {counting within 120}
Number Playlists {place value}
Concert Compare {comparing numbers}
Rockin’ Mash Up {double-digit addition}
More and Less Jam Session {10 more/less}
Musical Add Up {double-digit addition with place value}
Play that Funky Music {Measuring}
Measuring Musicians {Measuring}
Time to Rock {Time}
Data, Drums, and More! {Data}
Singing and Spinning {2D and 3D}
Fraction Stage Action {fractions}

Kinder Version

The Rockin' Math Review has a center game for just about every part of the Common Core State Standards in Kindergarten grade Math (some of the standards are to be measured orally and so I couldn't make a center game for them). This is a great way to review everything your students have learned in math all year! With a fun rockstar theme, your students will love review their math concepts! 

Included in this pack:
I Can Posters (kid-friendly directions)
Common Core Alignment
*Key Me In (Counting & Cardinality)
*Counting Jam Session (Counting & Cardinality)
*Pitch Perfect (Counting & Cardinality)
*Concert Compare (Counting & Cardinality)
*Star-Worthy Spinners (Operations & Algebraic Thinking)
*Problem Solving Serenade (Operations & Algebraic Thinking)
*Guitar Star (Operations & Algebraic Thinking)
*Keyboard Count (Numbers & Operations in Base 10)
*Play that Funky Music (Measurement & Data)
*Data, Drums, and More (Measurement & Data)
*Singing and Spinning (Geometry)
*Shape Stage Action (Geometry)
*Shape Playlist (Geometry)

Click {here} to check out the kinder version. 

                                1st grade version                                            Kinder version

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