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How is everyone?!? Are you surviving the last few weeks of school (or you could be me.... I still have about 6 weeks left! YAY for year-round school!). Are you pulling out your hair or drinking a bottle of wine each night? I get really stressed this time of year.  I have this inner battle between starting to get ready for next year and actually finishing out this year.  I would love to start putting together reading folders and cleaning up my classroom to get ready for next year, but we have a spelling test tomorrow and benchmarks are due and I have to start the slideshow and I have to get parent volunteer gifts ready FOR THIS YEAR! Oh! My! Word! I have quite the to-do list. Speaking of parent volunteers...

I made these tags for my teammates for teacher appreciation week and I shared them {here}. BUT, I wanted to just use the same idea for my parent volunteers this year that really went above and beyond. So, I changed the tag for them.

Teammate Gift Download {here}
Parent Volunteer Download {here}

We also have a collection of free download for all of these ideas as well!  Find them all {here}!

New Guided Reading Mini-Lessons Pack (and a SALE)

Finish the year out with the necessities and SAVE SOME MONEY WITH A SALE!  Our stores will be on sale PLUS there's an extra promo code (THANK YOU)... in total you'll save up to 28%!

And... maybe... start thinking about next year when you are making your purchases during this SALE (don't forget to use promo code THANKYOU)! I know this 2nd grade Guided Reading Mini-Lesson pack has been needing to get in my store for over a year, but I finally finished it! It's perfect to spice up your last bit in school this year, but you REALLY need it to start out the year.  (P.S. I also have a Kinder/1st version HERE)

There are seriously almost 300 pages in this pack. Please read about what's included {here}. It was made with lots of love (and a few tears).  Check it out {here}!

Here are some of my favorites to end out the year!


Being a teacher is HARD work! It's so nice to have one week where we all get to feel celebrated and appreciated! 

Happy teacher appreciation week to all you hard-working, amazing teachers!


Water Unit {With Bubble Day}

This is one of my FAVORITE thematic units to teach at the end of the year.  Just as you are about to get burned out... the Water Unit comes and saves the day (plus you end the week with a Bubble Day)!
This unit is PERFECT at the end of the year.  It's warm outside, the classroom is muggy and you're just about ready to be finished... it's the perfect time for a unit all about water. Not only is this unit fun, but it is the perfect integration of science, language arts, and even a little math.

This Includes:
Water Cycle Headband Craft
Water Cycle Map
Water Cycle Fill In
Precipitation Posters
Solid, Liquid, Gas Demonstration (with recording sheet)
Bodies of Water Passage (rivers, lakes, oceans, ponds-with vocab cards)
Ice Experiment (with recording sheet)
Water Smelling Experiment (with recording sheet)
Boat-Sink or Float (with recording sheet)
Favorite Water Activity (graph, data analysis, and opinion writing)
How to Have a Water Fight (writing)
Bubble Day Note
Bubble Day Homemade Bubble Recipe
Homemade Bubble Science Experiment (with recording sheet)
Bubble Factory (narrative writing)
Bubbles Cinquain Poem (planning sheet and writing page)
Bubble Art Directions
Bubble Poetry Walk (with original poem)
Double Bubble (math game with doubles facts)

Click {here} to check it out!

Here's one of my favorite activities from the pack:

And add the new GoNoodle video from Blazer Fresh on the Water Cycle! SO FUN!

Teacher Anchor 2015

We are happy to share with you all…

 The brand new Teacher Anchor!

If you haven't heard of the Teacher Anchor before, let me give you a quick introduction: 

Chandra from C Jayne Teach has created this beautiful teacher plan book. It's filled with lots and lots of pages that will help you stay super organized for the entire school year! There are 5 sections inside the notebook: monthly planner, weekly planner, grade book, student data sheet pages, and the common core state standards, plus it has some bonus pages for other things like parent communication, student birthdays, and extra note pages. The planner is not only cute on the outside, but it's super functional on the inside!

 Each year the Teacher Anchor gets better and better. Here's what's new with the updated 2015-2016 plan book:

- New design on the front cover featuring pretty silver polka dots.
-Sturdier cover made of synthetic plastic which is virtually indestructable.
- Quicker shipping options (no pre-orders this year, all planners will ship within 3-5 business days).
-Binder shell (not pictured) now comes in 12 different color choices.
-Student Data Sheet Pages inserted inside the planner.
-New dividers to help separate each section.
-No 3 hole punch. The new version is designed to work alongside the binder, not inside of it.

Don't forget to check out some of the other products in the C Jayne Teach Shop! She has some adorable teacher mugs, a beautiful to-do list notepad, and some other super cute teaching supplies that would make any teacher happy!

Want to see more? Check out this video!

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