STEM Stations with Blocks Rock!

On STEM Fridays in my classroom, I oftentimes have STEM Stations where students can choose a challenge and they can complete the game or challenge with a partner or group.
Last Friday, I had the chance to put in the game called Blocks Rock!  And oh boy, my students were obsessed!
*This blog post is in partnership with Blocks Rock. Opinions are completely my own. 

Here's how the students play Blocks Rock:
  • The students get equal amounts of blocks (the game is for two players, but I had my students play in pairs so there were 4 students playing).
  • Player 1 flips over a card and both players create the picture using the blocks (I love that they can build it flat or 3D like a tower). There are two types of cards (Level 1/2).
  • The blocks have to be touching.
  • The first player to build their structure will ring the bell and they win the round (you can also have students touch their head when they are finished if you don't want to hear the bell).  If the structure isn't correct, the round continues...and the pressure builds! HA!
  • The player who wins the round, keeps the card.

This game can be modified and adapted as needed. Students can build "flat" or in a tower (think: 3D).

What I love about this game:
  • It is SIMPLE but CHALLENGING for all students. They have to problem solve, which all kids need practice on. Really anyone can play (my 4 year old nephew and 10 year old niece loved it).
  • It comes in a nice case that is easy to get out, travel with, and put away.  The carrying case has 24 blocks, 2 decks of playing cards, and THE BELL! ;)
  • Can be played anywhere!
  • I LOVE that this game also has a technology extension. You can download the app for free and use the blocks included in the game to play or you can just use the playing cards. 

  • Last but not least, it is researched based and the kiddos are LEARNING.

Color Identification: Players match the colored blocks to the colors on game cards.• Problem Solving: Players arrange the blocks and fix when necessary.

Shape Identification: Players match block shapes to the shape of blocks on game cards.
Spatial Learning: Players must build a structure to match the structure on the card.
Hand-Eye Coordination: Hand-to-eye coordination is key to building a block structure
in the shortest amount of time.
Math Skills: Points on the cards can be added up at the end of the game to determine
the winner, or younger players can count the number of cards each player has to find the

Ok... so I know you just want to know if the kids like it and if it challenges them. YES AND YES! BUT- your principal might want to know if there's research behind the game and the answer is yes. The picture on the left is an MRI of someone playing with blocks. The picture on the right is a board game. What!? Mind blown! Send this to your principal.

Is this something your classroom or home can use?  
Check it out here!

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Go Noodle Plus Giveaway!!

We are HUGE fans of GoNoodle! 

And today we are excited introduce the NEW GoNoodle Plus!

(Please note: This post is part of a partnership with GoNoodle. )

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