Great Artists

Are your students great artists? The answer is YES!  All of our students are great artists because they think they are and that's what I want my kiddos to take with them as they go on to second grade.  They can do anything if they think they can.

Watch this video:

1. The students love learning about famous artists and making their own art work to look like the famous artists.
2. Parent volunteers teach the lessons {YESSS!!!}.  It's pretty much amazing. A "Great Artist Coordinator" trains all of the parent volunteers and makes sure you have someone in your class volunteering.  I just have to be there and support the volunteer and kiddos!
3. Their artwork is AMAZING and their confidence is built each time!
4. We do one famous artist every 6-8 weeks, so it's not overwhelming at all.
5. It's fun and simple!!!!

That is the basis for The Great Artist Program.  I {big} {puffy} {heart} this program!

Here are my kiddos in action making the "Great Wave" picture just like the famous artist, Hokusai.

This is the picture we were getting our inspiration from!

We got to use sharpies and then watercolors! SO FUN!  

Here are some finished products {you'll notice they are VERY different, even though they had the same directions}:

This one is VERY unique :)

If you want more information on bringing this program to your school or just to learn more, contact them {here}. They're super friendly!  Tell them What the Teacher Wants sent ya! :)

Here's what you can do RIGHT NOW!  Go to their Facebook page, like it, and then leave them a comment telling them that What the Teacher Wants sent you! How nice would that be!!!!!????

Management Monday: Santa's Surprise

Have you seen Sarah's  {First Grader At Last} idea that I posted about awhile ago called Brownie Points? I LOVE it {and so do my kiddos}! Well, I am taking my Brownie Points down for the month of December because Santa has a little surprise. . .

Santa needs your students' to help him fill up his beard by having really good behavior. If your students have GREAT behavior, they can add one circle on Santa's beard. When we add that circle, we all yell...
Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

I just used velcro on my Santa's beard, but you could use tape! The circles for the beard are included in the download.

When they are all filled up, we get to pick out of the envelope! Ohmyword. They are about THIS excited.They about die of excitement. It's the mystery of what is in the envelope that really gets them. Then, I take all of the circles off and we start again!

In the envelope I write up some fun things my kiddos might like in the month of december...
*Switch seats with their friends
*Slipper day!
*Work on the floor for 30 minutes
*Extra recess
*Popcorn party
*Candy cane licking contest
*Math games
*100's chart {they LOVE this}
*Hot cocoa after lunch

Click {here} to download this behavior 
management tool for December!

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Winter Writing Workbook

So many adorable units available for the younger grades this holiday season.... but what about the upper grades?! If you teach in grades 3-6, you've probably been wondering this. We like having fun and celebrating the holidays too, don't we?!

Well, here is my new Winter Writing Workbook. It has everything you need to lead your students through a well-developed winter story this holiday season!
In this Winter themed writing pack (similar to my popular Halloween Writing Booklet), you will get three story starters that students can choose from. Each story starter contains a brainstorm page to help your students organize their thoughts before they begin writing.

Included in this download:

  • teacher instruction page
  • student instruction page
  • grading rubric
  • mini-lesson journal 
  • 3 writing brainstorm pages
  • writing conference journal
  • blank writing pages
  • writer's checklist

Best of all, this is not focused on Christmas, which means, if your school doesn't/can't teach about a specific holiday, this Writing Workbook would be perfect for you! 

Happy Holidays everyone!

Cyber Monday Madness!!!!!!

Are you ready for an awesome Cyber Monday sale on TpT?!?!  Many bloggers, including Natalie and I, are offering 20% off the products in our stores on top of the TpT 10% discount (use promo code CMS28 at checkout-valid only on Cyber Monday)!

You can also enjoy 20% off our products from November 29th- December 1st!!

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Christmas Addition and Subtraction

This Christmas Addition and Subtraction packet will keep your kiddos engaged in learning for days! :)

You'll see:
{missing addend, doubles, simple addition, simple subtraction, story problems addition problems subtract, counting on, and tons of games to practice it all!}

This packet includes both black/white AND colored games to put in your math tubs/centers!  It is 68 pages and contains 10 different games for your kiddos to play and review their addition and subtraction facts. There are games that just practice addition, just subtraction, and then a mixed practice. A recording sheet is also included for EACH game. :)

Want to pick up a freebie? Go ahead and click {here} to get this free game:

Head on over to my TpT store and 
 check it out! :)

I'm off to decorate my house for Christmas and watch Elf, 


Common Core and YOU {Part 3}

I'm obsessed with the new common core. NOT IN A GOOD WAY {not that it's bad, it's just a lot of work}. I've looked at it about a million billion times. I can't fit it all in!!!!! BUT, I've really had to revamp my writing lessons to fit the 3 writing genres {opinion, narrative, and informative}. When we come back from Thanksgiving break, I'll be working LOTS on NARRATIVE.  If you read my other posts about the Language Arts Common Core, you know that I've been remaking a lot of stuff and finding my own resources.  The hunt continues.

I've made some fun {FREE} writing prompt cards to do in work on writing {or you could totally do it whole group}.  I'm going to copy these cards on cardstock, laminate, cut out, and have my students choose one:

I'm going to tell them to write a story using one of the cards. I can only imagine what they'll think of! :)

They can use this sheet first for pre-writing {I would use this for whole group}:

And then transfer to their writing paper and add an illustration:

I'm excited to start REALLY focusing on narrative writing! I know it's easier for them to write personal narratives, but some of my kiddos are just dying to use their imagination. :)

I've also included some kinder writing pages {one with a prompt, one without}!  I thought maybe they could just write a sentence about what they think is happening on the cards.

Here's the upper grade version! :)

You like the lightbulb border and/or the Christmas clipart? ME too! :)  You can get it from Natalie's TpT store {here}.

Pin It

Fonts from
Fonts from
Fonts from

A lot of people have mentioned how much they love this Christmas light border. So... I have added the set to my tpt store and it's available for only 99 cents!! It comes with the red and green, multi-colored, and black and white borders. 

And if you would like to purchase the whole Christmas Clip Art Sethere's that link too!

Christmas Clip Art!

YAY! My awesome husband just finished his second set of teacher clip art!! His designs are now available in my Teacher Pay Teacher store and will be on sale all day today! 

Here is a preview of all his images:
(All images are provided in color and black & white. Over 50 images total!)

The terms of use for this clip art set are simple: You may use the images for personal or commercial use. (Just don't re-sell, distribute or claim them as your own.)
(Graphics by Cro Designs)

Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks my hubby can finish his set of borders, math/science/history set and animal clip art. Be excited. :)

Early bird special: Just leave a comment telling us which design is your favorite and why, and the first 5 comments will win a copy of their favorite design! 

Also, my husband will hand select two MORE of his favorite comments (try to make him laugh!) to win a favorite design as well. He will pick his favorites tomorrow at 7pm (MST). 

*Please make sure to leave your email! :)

I'm Thankful (Part 2)


Here's what I'm most thankful for this holiday season.

1.  What are you thankful for in your classroom?
This is an easy question for me. I could NOT live without my Promethean board, projector, and ELMO document camera. I use them so much that I get a warning message that my projector is overheating a couple of times each day! Having this amazing technology is such a wonderful blessing! (About 4 years ago my district had some grant money available and my team wrote for the eMINTS technology grant - we got about $47,000 worth of technology for EACH of our 3 classrooms! Pretty amazing!)

2. What person/people are you most thankful for?
Of course, I am most thankful for my wonderful little family!! My husband is my best friend, my little boy is my whole world, and I'm so excited to welcome another little baby into our family this coming spring! I feel like the luckiest person in the world for my precious family!!
(I love this picture of my sweet little boy - 1 week old!)

3. What 3 blogs are you most thankful for?

Kristen's blog has been my favorite upper grade teaching blog. I love her cute downloads and have many of them hanging in my classroom. Her video tutorials have helped me many-a-times. So glad she shares her talents with the bloggy world!

Runde's room is another great resource for upper grades. I have fallen in love with her cute art projects and have purchased a couple of her tpt units. Love her stuff!

This blog is one of my new favorites. I don't know Casey, but feel like we could be good friends! :)

And (as an honorable mention) I also want to mention one of my favorite crafty blogs. Lindsay at Artsy Fartsy Mama is super creative and has some way cute crafty ideas.  

4. What guilty pleasure are you most thankful for?

Haha.... as my friends already know, I am a reality tv junkie. My favorite is America's Next Top Model, followed closely behind by So You Think You Can Dance and Amazing Race. My favorite non-reality shows are Castle and The Middle, and I recently discovered Revenge.

5. What are you most thankful for?

I'm so thankful for the teaching blog world - for Rachelle, the success we've had with What the Teacher Wants, and my new venture with Teachers Pay Teachers. I'm very grateful for the doors that have been opening to me and the feeling of enjoyment I get from feeling like I'm helping improve the world of education!

And... on a spiritual note... 

I am so grateful for the knowledge, blessings, and happiness that I get from being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I love knowing that I have a Father in Heaven who watches over and protects me. :)

Make sure you tell us what you're thankful for by linking up to our party!!
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