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We are linking up at Blog Hoppin' for Teacher Week 2015 (use hashtag #teacherweek15 on Instagram and Twitter). We would love for you to get to know us a little bit better:

1. I'm a fitness instructor.  I teach Jazzercise twice a week! It's the best 3rd job, ever (teaching 1st graders, running a blog, and teaching Jazzercise).

2. I've lost 115 pounds and I try to inspire other teachers/women to get fit and healthy on my *other* blog, For Blogness' Sake (I mostly post on Instagram @forblognesssake).

3.  I have the goofiest family ever and I love them so much! They make me laugh (with my husband at the top of that list). We are the family that can talk about anything with each other at dinner (no topic is off the table....hahaha) and we have the best of times at our family cabin. Love these peeps!

4.  In college I went on a humanitarian trip to Kenya.  I worked at a deaf school and an orphanage. It was a life-changing, humbling experience.  I miss these kids every.single.day.

5. My husband and I are both in the Greek system. My husband is a Sigma Chi (as well as my brother) and I'm an Alpha Phi (as well as my sister, sister-in-law, and Natalie).  In college I was the Chapter President and now I'm the Alumnae Chapter President here in Salt Lake City.  This organization has taught me so much and I wouldn't be where I am today without Alpha Phi.

1. I have 3 little kids who are my most prized possessions! Being a mom is my favorite thing in the whole world. These kids can sure be a handful some most days, but I would't trade being their mom for anything else.

2. Besides blogging, my favorite hobby is photography! I used to do it to earn a little extra money on the side, but I've mostly stopped and just do it as a fun little side hobby. I love making a beautiful picture and capturing the little moments of life. (The picture below is from our trip to Vegas this summer for the TPT Conference. I miss those beautiful palm trees already!)

3. I love to travel! One of my favorite trips I've ever been on was when I was a senior in high school. My high school drama group (yep, I was a drama kid…) got invited to perform at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. We got to spend two weeks in Scotland and it was definitely a trip I will never forget!

3. Once upon a time, I was a little bit of a pageant girl and I competed at the Miss Utah pageant. I was able to earn quite a bit of scholarship money doing pageants and I'm grateful for the many great opportunities it gave me to serve in my community. I loved being an advocate for the American Heart Association and raising money for women's cardiac care and research as part of my platform. 

5. My favorite store is Hobby Lobby! This summer we put our condo on the market, and when I looked through all my pictures for the listing, I realized that almost all of my decor is from there. Sometimes when I walk through the store I look around and say, "I have that sign, I already own that piece of art, I have that hanging in my kitchen…" Haha. (Here's a little collage of what our condo looked like. This week we will finally close on our new house and we are SO EXCITED!!!)

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Back to School with a BOOST!

If you missed out on the last back to school sale or if you are looking for more great resources for your classroom, you are in luck! TeachersPayTeachers has recently announced another site-wide sale where you can save 28% on all your TPT Purchases!

(Thanks for the cute graphic, Amy Lemons!)

Please check out Rachelle's store for some amazing center ideas, guided reading lessons, and other great K-2 products!

If you're looking for some great upper grades resources for literature circles or writing projects, Natalie's store has got you covered! 

We hope our resources can save you time, engage your students, and add some excitement into your teaching! 

Happy school year, everyone - make it the best year you've ever had!!

Organizing for a Substitute {Sub Tub}

A few weeks ago, I shared how I organize my "teacher stuff".  This is part 2 of the ABC's of Organization! Just a reminder that you might want to download some freebies:

I will be doing a short series on organizing your classroom. You'll want to download {these} FREE handouts.  Up next this week is Organizing for a SUB!

Sub Tub with binder and all lesson supplies (grab the tub tag here)
Positive reinforcements-green basket (Brownie Points and Smarty Pants Tickets)
Technology hookups- blue basket
Sub Treat (pack of gum)

 You can find this cute {editable cover and ALL the forms inside HERE}

Behind the binder are files with all of the activities my sub will be doing with my students. In the folders there are also the picture books that each lesson associates with.

I ALWAYS leave extra books for my sub to read "just in case". 

Don't forget to leave the necessities in close reach.

Positive reinforcements (Brownie Points and Smarty Pants Tickets)
Can you see that blue sheet taped to my desk in the bottom-right? That is my class list.  I tape it to my desk so that it's always there for my sub (and for me too!)

 Depending on my substitute and what lessons they'll be teaching, I might leave directions on how to use the simple technology in my classroom.  You can snag that (here). It'll obviously be different in your classroom, but you can get an idea on how to write your own. 

 Leave some love for your sub! Download it for free {here}

 I hope I gave you some ideas on how to organize for your substitute!  If you'd like some forms to put in your binder you can Click {here} to check it out!

Back-to-School Bulletin Board, Management, and Donation Door

I have a few random pictures of what I've been doing in my classroom to get ready! I love the energy of my school during back-to-school time! Everyone's excited, but slightly bummed that summer is over.  That feeling goes away once we all start working in our classrooms and prepping for our new students (ok, well that bummed feeling *mostly* goes away).

I LOVE to think of fun ways to welcome my students to my classroom with my back-to-school bulletin board. Check out *some* past bulletin boards HERE.
 This year, I took some inspiration from my husband who LOVES Minions (he's a little kid at heart). We watch Despicable me with our niece and nephews and my husband laughs louder than they do. ;) Sure do love that man!  Anyway, I found a piƱata at Walmart that just CALLED MY NAME and then I found these cute Minions on TpT. Off I went to decorate!

 I cut the headers for this board on my Silhouette Cameo (best crafting tool, ever!).
The names on the Minions are just Avery mailing labels. Easy-peasy.


Each year I do a Donation Door for our Back-to-School Night. Parents can come by and grab a sticky note off of our door that says the name of a school supply. They can send in the donated school supplies with their child to school the next day! It's an awesome way to get a variety of supplies for your classroom and not just getting 3,934 boxes of tissues. ;) {You can check out another donation door I've done, here}

I did print on SUPER sticky notes (found at Target) and I used a tutorial from this cute blog.
Arrows are vinyl and made with my Silhouette Cameo with KG Arrows font.


A few years ago I found this CUUUUUTE behavior mangament idea from Growing Kinders.  I've always done Brownie Points as a whole-class incentive, but this year I'm doing Mr. Potato Head.  I'll pull off all of his parts (hehe) and if the students are working quietly, I will add one part at a time until he is all put together.  Once he's all back together, there will be a MYSTERY prize that the whole class will win (lunch with teacher, extra recess, or maybe popcorn party).

With pretty much everything, I got mine on Amazon. Praise all that is holy for Amazon Prime. ;)

Help for the First Days of School

As much as I wish summer could last forever, it seems as though 'Back to School' season is officially upon us! I have meetings starting next week and then our new little batch of sweet smiling faces will join us the week after that. It's such an exciting time for teachers, but with it also comes feelings of anxiety and stress. 

We all have heard that the first few days of school are the most important. I've written about this on our blog a few different times  here and here. It's a scary job knowing that we need to make sure to teach our students our expectations starting on day one if we want to have a successful year.

For this reason, I have created a new resource:

I have to admit that this was something I never intended to make. My goal was to give all our wonderful blog readers (you!) the tools they needed to create their own set of rules, classroom management system, and list of procedures. But after 4 years of people asking me to provide them with an editable version of my old PowerPoint presentation, I finally gave in after I read these two sweet comments: 

For the first time, I realized that I could save teachers a WHOLE lot of valuable get-ready-for-scool time if I could create a version of this PowerPoint that was ready and easy for teachers to fill in on their own.  So that is exactly what I've done. I've created a cute, kid-friendly PowerPoint template that is editable. You simply follow my prompts to create your own set of rules, management system, and procedures list and adapt it to fit the needs of your own classroom.

Here's a peek of what's inside:

And here's a little note I added that will give you some extra information about this resource:

Just to answer some more of the questions you might have, here is some information you might be wondering about:

This resource will be extremely helpful to you as you create your own classroom management plan and develop your own set of classroom procedures for the coming school year. This PowerPoint has two purposes: 

1) To be a guide and walk you through the important classroom rules and procedures you should be teaching your students during your first few days of school.

2) To use in your own classroom as a PowerPoint to help you teach your students all about your management system classroom rules, and procedures. 

I hope you will find it useful and I hope it will be a huge time saver for you! 

This document will help you:
-Explain why rules are important
-Identify and explain your classroom rules
-Establish a classroom management system
-Discuss positive and negative consequences
-Create ways to offer positive reinforcement
-Describe what a procedure is and why they are important

These procedures have been included in this download:
-How to sit in the chair for learning
-How to come in to class
-How to walk in the halls
-Procedure for going to the bathroom
-Procedure for getting a drink
-How to sharpen a pencil
-Procedure for asking questions
-How to get the attention of your students
-Procedure for early finishers
-Procedure for turning in homework
-Procedure for dismissal
-What to do when absent
(I have provided extra pages for you to add anything that I may have missed.)

I wish every single one of you a happy and successful school year!! Good luck as you all go back to school!!

If you have any more questions 
or comments or words of advice 
for the first days of school, 
please leave them in the comments! 


It's the time we've all been waiting for... it's the TeachersPayTeachers Back-to-School Sale!! For the next two days you can save 28%!!

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Looking for some great things to buy? 
Behavior Management Must Haves:

A fun book to teach and review classroom expectations.
Read more here: The ABC's of Back 2 School

Create a positive and fun learning environment in your classroom with these monthly awards.
Read more here: Student of the Month Awards

A personal way for students to track their own behavior.

This 3 step behavior system will help your students become accountable for their own behavior.

Class Decor and Bulletin Boards Must Haves:

Add some chevron flair to the front of your classroom with these alphabet, number, and color posters.

A fun and colorful way system for assigning class jobs. 
Read more here: Primary Chevron Class Job Chart
{Also available in Pastel Chevron and Rainbow Colors}

A cute beginning of year bulletin board activity.
Read more here: This Year Will Be T-RRIFIC

Encourage your students to BE AWESOME with this positive bulletin board poster set.

Curriculum Must Haves:

Everything you need to make a whole years worth of journals for your students.
Read more here: Journals Through the Years

All About Me {Beginning of the Year} Writing Activities. Available for both younger grades and upper grades!

15 spelling actitivies to help your students practice their spelling independently.
Read more here: 1-2-3 Spell With Me

Your class will love learning about all kinds of animals with these animal research reports.

This 39 page resource will guide you through the entire US History social studies curriculum!

Fun Stuff:

Organize EVERYTHING in your classroom with these Teacher Tub Labels!

Get your students excited about handwriting.

Be prepared and organized for a substitutue!
Read more here: Substitute Survival Kit

An awesome system for setting up your Guided Reading program!

Two back to school resources here: Parent Volunteer Sign Up Sheets & a pack of Student Inventories

Jazz up your newsletters and parent notes with this back to school clip art set.
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