Christmas for the Classroom Giveaway

A lovely group of teacher bloggers decided to join forces to just say THANK YOU! Thank you for following along on our teaching journey!  We are doing a Christmas in the Classroom giveaway and there are two parts to it. Thank you to Maria from Kinder Craze who organized all of this.

First up, you can win a laser printer!  WHAT? For REAL.  Just click the Rafflecopter below to get entered. It's as easy as that. I have a laser colored printer in my classroom and it's amazing.  I never have to leave my classroom. ;)

Natalie and I also put together a Scentastional giveaway for you!  In our second giveaway, you can win both a Scentsy Warmer with a scent bar PLUS the Doterra Essential Oils intro pack.  I'm a huge fan of both products.  I have a Scentsy warmer in every room in my house and right now it smells just like Christmas in my house thanks to my sister Tricia, who is an independent Scentsy consultant.  Natalie sells Doterra oils and I (Rachelle) just LOVE them.  I use peppermint when I have a headache, lemon oil for homemade cleaning products, and a few drops of lavender in my bathtub to calm me down. They're my favorite! 

Now.... after you entered both giveaways, head to the other fabulous blogs to enter their giveaways too!

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