Bloggers Night Out in Disneyland!

For the past 5 years, Rachelle and I (and the girls from Blog Hoppin') have hosted an annual Blogger's Meet Up in conjunction with the SDE/TPT conference each summer. This year was a little different because Rachelle couldn't make it to the TPT Conference. I know I couldn't pull of a big meet up without her, so I decided to host a Bloggers Night Out in Disneyland instead. Since the conference was in Anaheim and Disneyland is my favorite place in the world, it just made sense! 

About 60 teacher-bloggers gathered in Disneyland for a fun night out in the park! We met in front of the castle for a group picture. I'm so happy that so many people joined us for this fun event! 

Here are some photos from the night! 

Thank you to Beautifully Broken Boutique for designing these adorable shirts! I absolutely love the TPT logo inside the Mickey!


Disney food is the best, am I right?!









It was a magical night in the happiest place on earth!

Thank you to Disneyland for providing me for 2 all day hopper passes in exchange for this blog post.

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Math Quick Checks and Guided Math Groups

The past few years I've been working on doing more of a guided reading approach but in math...AKA guided math. I want to pull groups back and provide small-group interventions and enrichment. I also wanted this process to be EASY for me and for my students. Because... I'm easy. ;)

Each Thursday I give my students a quick check assessment (see below) to check in and see where they are and how they are doing in that week's math instruction. I score the quick checks and put them into 4 groups.

You can download that freebie {here}!

THEN, I sort my students into mixed groups for math tubs (these are different than the leveled groups I made from the assessment).  Before the students go to their tub, I let them know who will come to my desk for a "game" with me (aka intervention). Those are the groups that I made from the data I collected with the math quick checks.  Each round of tubs lasts for about 12 minutes. It's more of a rotation!  Tub #1 then goes to Tub #2 and so on (the number of tubs is based on how much time we have and how many games I have). Each round I call a new group  of students over to my desk. I use this Target Dollar Spot pocket chart. 

 I place these tubs around the classroom (got them from Dollar Tree). Each game in the tub is a game we have already played and the students are familiar with. This makes it easy when we have Math Tubs- we get right into it! Obviously I have expectations for my students while they are at math tubs, but that's for a whole notha blog post! ;)

This is how I store my tubs and some of the manipulatives. 

This is how I store all of my math games when we are finished with them! I store them by standard and topic. 

Over the past few years my first grade team has really been wanting a common assessment that we can use as data in our classrooms and to discuss during our PLCs (Professional Learning Communities). I started making these over a year ago because I made them as I went. Right now I only have 1st grade done because that's what I teach and that's what I use. These are tested by kids and the teachers on my team! We love them because they are quick, efficient and give us the perfect amount of data. What do we do with that information? We plan our math intervention and enrichment groups like I talked about at the beginning of this post.

Can go with any math program!
I created 24 math quick checks aligned to the Common Core State Standards for 1st grade! These quick checks are perfect to check for understanding during your math units. They are quick, easy to follow, and can be used as evidence of learning.  You can use the scores from the quick checks to re-teach or move on!

Also included:
*Standard Alignment Sheets
*Assessment Tracker
*Math Group Organizer

Love the fonts I used? Me too!

Erin Condren Teacher Planner and Life Planner!

It's no secret that we are BIG fans of Erin Condren and her beautiful planners! Every year we like to showcase some of her new products and share why we love our planners!
(Please note: this post contains affiliate links.)

Rachelle has the *NEW* Teacher Planner!


Here are some of the details:
  •  It now come is ROSE GOLD binding! *SWOON*
  •  Thicker pages for durability
  •  The new cover designs are beautiful
  • TONS of new accessories 
  • 40 weeks of lesson planning pages
  • Monthly calendars
  • Pockets folder to stuff junk in!

I could go on and on about this teacher planner. It is MY FAVORITE!  Each year they make it better, even when I don't think it can get better. I immediately feel more organized right when it comes in the mail and it is worth every penny! :) If you're on the fence, take my word for it.... BUY THE PLANNER! PLAN ALL THE THINGS!

To buy a Teacher Planner: CLICK HERE

Natalie has the *NEW* Hardbound Life Planner!

This is a completely new design from the original Life Planner. 

Here are some of the details:
  •  4 Stunning Satin-Finish Covers with Metallic Detailing
  •  Available with 18-Month Calendars Only
  •  Each of the 4 Cover Options Has Its Own Unique Interior Design 
  •  5"X 8" (Horizontal) and 8 X 10" (Vertical) Size Options
  •  Personalization Choices in Rose Gold, Gold & Platinum Foil

What I like about this new planner is the durability. I'm a busy mom of 3 and need to take my planner with me on the go. This new hardbound planner will be great to last me all 18 months. Of course, I also love the beautiful cherry blossom color and the gold accents.   

To buy a Life Planner: CLICK HERE

As you can see, we LOVE our Erin Condren planners! 

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