End of Year Emoji Writing and Bulletin Board

I decided after having my bulletin board the same for the past 4 months, I'd change it up.  I love incorporating writing with my bulletin board and this one was so much fun! As the school year is winding down, my students keep saying how much they are going to miss me OR they can't wait for 2nd grade.  I decided to have them write about how they felt leaving 1st grade and we of course had to use EMOJIS!

I printed the emojis on yellow paper and glued them each to a white poster. I had the students walk around and write different emotions that each of the emojis were showing. 

Here's an example:

Then we gathered the posters and talked about each emotion and how they relate to how we are feeling about leaving this grade-level and entering a new one. 
They then picked the emoji that most strongly represented how they felt. I went through each poster and they raised their hand to tell me if they wanted that one. If so, I put a tally of how many copies to make of that emoji on the back of its poster.

They then began to write using the circled writing paper. When they were finished, they brought up their writing paper and picked up their emoji cover. I stapled the two at the top of the circle and they cut both out at the same time. This way, it remained stapled.

The Teacher Planner YOU MUST HAVE!

This is a review in partnership with Erin Condren and contains affiliate links. These opinions are my own. I would never review a product that I did not LOVE and this my friends, is love.

It's no secret that I love my Erin Condren Teacher Planner. I have been using them for 7 years! Each time they get better and better and this year.... IT IS THE BEST ONE YET! Sorry for yelling. But, I have to be real with you. They have made the most simple changes this year, yet they make the most impact. And guess what?!?! The new planners come out MAY 29TH!

My Top 10 Favorite Features:

1. The pre-dated, monthly and weekly spreads are everything! (YES- The dates are already put in the planner for you! No writing them in yourself!)
2. Lots of checklist pages, notes pages, and a new notes section on the lesson planning pages keeps you organized and allows you to keep your do-to list all in one place.
3. 208 pages- 12 months included (so great to use over the summer to plan and organize as well) and I really like how the month view calendar is now directly in front of your lesson planning pages for that month.
4. A sheet protector is included (you can add more if you want) and is perfect to put your recess schedule in.
5. The coil is sturdier and bigger (33 mm) and comes in gold, rose, platinum or black. SO MANY OPTIONS!
6. The interchangeable covers make my heart happy.  The new designs are so dang cute...how do we even choose? Oh you don't have to! You can buy multiple covers because they are interchangeable.
7. The pages are thick and sturdy!
8. ALL the accessories this year are soooo good. The Snap-in Dashboard To-do List doubles as a bookmark/page keeper and to-do list (see above picture)! I also recommend the Planny Pack to carry all of your accessories.
9. The folder in the back is perfect for any loose papers you need to keep handy.
10. The quality of the planner is worth every penny.

I love my Erin Condren Teacher Planner. If I use something for 7 consecutive years, it shows that not only is it cute, but it is functional and effective. If you want to see more, head over to our Instagram and click on our Favorites IG Highlight circle to see video of the planner!

Head over to Erin Condren on May 29th and get your own!

Teacher Appreciation Week! (And a TPT Sale!)

Hey Teachers! We appreciate you all so much! Thank you for following along on our teaching journey, reading our blog, and supporting us in all we do! 

To celebrate you, we are having a SALE!!

Visit our TPT stores to save 25% off all our teaching resources! 

Here's a peek at the two doors Natalie decorated for her two kids' teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week:

As you might know, I decided to stay home from teaching for the past two years. It's fun to be on the parent side of teaching! Although I miss having my own classroom and my own group of students to love, I appreciate being able to be a room mom, PTA mom, and chaperone all the field trips for my own two kids! 

Here's a true story for you: I had already gone to the school earlier in the day to drop off teacher appreciation gifts to my kids’ two teachers. Then after lunch, it hit me - I forgot to do something for the specialty teachers and secretaries at the school! (I was a specialty teacher for 3 years and I always try to remember them and help them feel special, but this time I totally forgot!) So, of course, I hurried and made these candy bar wrappers, drove to the closest store, and was able to deliver these right as the bell rang! Moral of the story: Don’t forget your specialty teachers! They work hard and deserve to be appreciated too!

These Candy Bar Templates will be FREE in my store all week! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! 
Grab them here:

Don't miss out on the TeachersPayTeachers Sale! For the next two days you can save 25% when you use the code THANKYOU18 at checkout! 

Here are some of our favorite end of year resources you might need to help you get through these next few weeks.




Also, if you have changed grade levels or are new to teaching, you will probably want to purchase your copy of our Common Core Checklists! They are a great way to stay organized and on top of the Common Core standards!


Math Activities and Games for 1st Grade

I've got some math tubs ready for next week so that I can pull my guided math groups. Also so I can keep my sanity as the weather gets warmer and the kids get "more excited". We just finished with our time to the hour and half-hour unit and I want to meet with some groups to re-teach and enrich. I also want to throw some review of ALL THE THINGS because, spiral review. ;)

My kiddos love memory/matching games for place value and this one is from my

I feel like time is so fun to teach! It's awesome to see the kiddos telling you what time lunch starts {only if they raise their hand, of course!}. They are loving this game, "Rock Around the Clock" from my Telling Time Packet:

You play music and the kiddos dance around the classroom, when the music stops, they find a different desk and write any time {whatever time you are working on} they want {digital}. Then, I start the music again {they dance} and when the music stops, they find a different seat and draw the analog clock time to match the digital time. I check them off, they erase their boards, and we play again. :)
The mats are laminated and we use dry-erase markers on them.

This one is also from my Telling Time Packet. Why are kids so obsessed with spinners?  They spin the spinner and make that time on their analog {Judy clock} clock. If you don't have a set of Judy Clocks, you can use the DIY cardstock clock that I provide in the packet.

Here's one of the most popular games that my kiddos loooovvvee to practice time!

Here is a game for teaching/practicing time! I have left the clocks blank so that all grade levels can insert the times that they are working on. In partners, each player takes a turn drawing a card. Then, they write down the digital time on their recording sheet.  Watch out for that fly in that pile! If you pick one, you lose a turn!  The first player to fill up their sheet is the winner!

Click {here} for the game!
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