Listening with More than our Ears!

This week is our first full week of school and boy has it been FUN! ;)  My students are learning ALL about school and classroom expectations.  Seriously.... I have the BEST CLASS EVER!  I say that every year, but really... I believe it! They do have a hard time adjusting to 1st grade's full-day schedule (our kinder is still half-day) and sitting at the carpet becomes one big squirm fest!

So... I pulled out some GREAT resources from Erica's Ed-Ventures (Erica Bohrer)! I love her Whole Body Listening posters! Then, I searched for a few books about listening:


Then we brainstormed ways to be good listeners on our HUGE ear! :) Posters below/above the ear can be found {here}.

Then.... we wrote about how we could be good listeners and we made ourselves on our page with our GIANT listening ears! 

Click {here} to download! 

Happy Mail and a Sneak Peak!

We love when companies approach us about doing product reviews. There's something special about getting a package in the mail! Hence the reason we love Amazon so much. Haha.

This pretty display of goodies came from C. Jayne Teach

She let us try out her data pages, to do list notepad, apple notebook, and her cute black & white polka pot notecards. We are in love!

I especially like the to do list notepads. I currently have a to do list at school, one at home, and I even filled out one for my husband... haha. 

Thank you, C. Jayne Teach, for thinking of us and sending such a nice box of teaching treasures. She even wrote us hand-written thank you cards. That was so sweet and personal. She really is so fantastic! Stop by her website and look around!

We were also approached by Smile Makers! Smile Makers is an excellent company and have so many fun items for teachers. It was very hard to pick out what we wanted because there were so many options choose from! 

Rachelle ended up choosing these awesome white board pockets. They are magnetic and can stick right on her white board. 

Look how great they look in her room!

I chose this 8 pack of decorative computer printing pages. I'm so excited to print out award certificates on these pages. I also think it would be fun for my students to print their stories out on these fun pages!

Smile Makers have EVERYTHING! I'm thinking of getting toothbrushes that say "I lost a tooth in 1st grade!"  Wouldn't that be cute?

One more thing....

A sneak peek at my classroom! 

I'm not ready to reveal the whole thing yet, but I am in LOVE with the bright colors in my classroom! Everything is so happy and fun!

Stay tuned for the official classroom tour coming in the next few days. 


It's that time again!! Time to save 28% on all the digital goodies you need for back to school!

In case you need some ideas of what to buy, here are some of the things we've both made this summer:

Common Core Data Checklists for Kinder1st, and  5th grade
You can read more about them {here}.

 1st Grade                      5th Grade

These are a great way to help you organize the way you teach, assess, and re-teach your students this year!
(K-6 checklists will be coming soon!)

Rachelle made this awesome Take-Home Reading Folders pack!
If you need help in setting up (or re-vamping) the way you do your take-home readers, THIS download is a must!

Wild About Animals Research Reports!
This download is perfect for Kinder and 1st Grade and is great way to get your students excited about informational writing! Your students will love researching and learning about all these fun animals!

If you're still looking for some class decor, here are some things to check out:
 These are the cutest posters to hang up in the front on your classroom! They come in primary & secondary chevron and bright chevron colors!

If you're looking for a class job chart, you might like these different options:

And some other great back-to-school packs:
{click each picture}






Thanks so much for your support during this sale! We value and appreciate EACH one of you!!

Happy shopping!

Picture Perfect Class!

For my back-to-school bulletin board, I used Kimberly Geswein's Font "KG Second Chances Sketch". The PRECIOUS cameras came from Jessica Sawyer Design on Etsy! They are so cute! Go buy them ASAP!

So, as I begin a new school year, I like to look ahead and start setting goals. I want to be a better teacher each year!  There are so many things I need to do to be better. I'm not perfect. I slack, get lazy, cry, and sometimes need an extra unsweetened iced tea on rough days. I think making goals each year can help me strive to be better and be accountable for it! :)  So, I created this gem:

Click the picture to download.

I printed mine off and plan to keep it nice and safe in my Erin Condren Teacher Planner

Some of my goals...

*Level my new books from Scholastic
*Organize my theme books

*Plan guided reading lessons EVERY DAY (I'm the master of "off the cuff")

*Make my bed each day (am I 12 years old?)
*Go to the gym 4-5 times a week (yeah, right!!!)

What goals do you have this year?  It helps to say (type) them out loud! HA!

Common Core Data Checklists! {Math and ELA}

We (Natalie and I) are so excited to start a new Common Core project to help us collect data!  We've been using our CCSS Checklists that we made last year to keep track of what we've taught and when. These NEW (and completely different) Data Checklists individualize it so that you can see how *each* student is preforming in each area of the Common Core and is a perfect addition to our other checklists. It's another great tool for the teacher!

Just enter in each student's name and start recording your data. (There are multiple ways to record and we have provided some examples for you, but really you can do it however you want).

These are perfect for report cards, RtI, data for PLCs, or to give you detailed information for your small group work.

Kindergarten Checklist:

1st Grade Checklist:
1st Grade Combined ELA and Math Data Checklist

2nd Grade Checklist:
2nd Grade Combined ELA and Math Data Checklists

3rd Grade Checklist:

4th Grade Checklist:

5th Grade Checklist:

Each download contains:
-Common Core data checklists for math 
-Common Core data checklists for ELA
-Examples on how to record your data
-Binder covers to help you stay organized

The best part about these checklists is that they are editable! You will be able to enter your students' names on the first document, and it will automatically fill in their names on EVERY page! 

If you would like to purchase the ELA or MATH checklists separately, you can find them here:

We also have checklists available! These make it so you can "check off" things as you teach them so you can track what/when you've taught.

Click each picture to check them out!




Here's an example of how these checklists can help you organize and teach the Common Core:

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