Listening with More than our Ears!

This week is our first full week of school and boy has it been FUN! ;)  My students are learning ALL about school and classroom expectations.  Seriously.... I have the BEST CLASS EVER!  I say that every year, but really... I believe it! They do have a hard time adjusting to 1st grade's full-day schedule (our kinder is still half-day) and sitting at the carpet becomes one big squirm fest!

So... I pulled out some GREAT resources from Erica's Ed-Ventures (Erica Bohrer)! I love her Whole Body Listening posters! Then, I searched for a few books about listening:


Then we brainstormed ways to be good listeners on our HUGE ear! :) Posters below/above the ear can be found {here}.

Then.... we wrote about how we could be good listeners and we made ourselves on our page with our GIANT listening ears! 

Click {here} to download! 
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