Cyber Monday {And some Christmas Goodies!}

Are you loving the Cyber Monday sale over at 

Here's a peak at some of the things we'll be purchasing before the sale ends tomorrow:

Hope King's brand new Reader's Workshop pack:

Primary Graffiti's new "The was an Old Lady..." sub tub resources:

Here are a few Christmas goodies for you!!

If you like the Christmas Countdown printable, check out this whole pack of holiday printables:

These countdown sheets will add an element of fun and excitement to your classroom. Simply put these cute 8 x 10 holiday printables in a frame and use as a dry erase board to countdown to the nearest holiday. 

Includes the following holidays:
-New Years
-Valentine's Day
-President's Day
-St. Patty's Day
-Last Day of School
-Field Trip

{Don't forget to use the code CMT12 at checkout!}

Holidays Around the World Part II

After many requests from readers, I've created a Part II to my Holidays Around the Word!  
This packet can stand alone and you do not need to purchase Part 1 to be able to use this packet. 
Click the picture...

This unit is a great way to integrate Christmas/Winter Holidays into your curriculum! After many requests for different holidays to be added to my Holidays Around the World Part I, I decided to make a completely separate packet with these new countries!


*Sweden {St. Lucia Day}
*America {Kwanzaa}
*India {Diwali}
*America or Canada {Christmas}

And, here is my Holidays Around the World Part 1 {posters are also included, but not pictured}.
Click the picture...

*America or Canada
Both Packs Include:
Lesson Plan Template
Student Suitcase Cover
New Word Book
Airline Tickets
BINGO Review Game
Supplementals (KWL, web chart, fact writing, opinion writing)
Bulletin Board Letters and Graphic
Student Book (with fill-in-the-blank)
Country Posters (color and b/w included)
Informational Reading Passages (for each country)

Links to websites and books for each country

You can also buy these units in a bundled {discounted} pack! 
Click the picture...

Cyber Monday and Tuesday {SALE}

 Button by Ashley Hughes

1.  The sale lasts 2 days (November 26-27)

2.  Natalie and I will have our stores on sale for 20% off PLUS....

3.  TPT is giving an additional discount if you use the code "CMT12" at checkout.

4.  You can save up to 28% off !


Part I of Holidays Around the World

Part II of Holidays Around the World

Bundles Pack of both Part I and II

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Text Features

Did you know.....

...if you search for 'text features' on Teachers Pay Teachers, 1047 resources immediately pull up.

...of the 1047 resources, 109 of them are FREE!

Of the text features resources I looked through on TPT, my very favorite is by a cute gal who calls herself the Shabby Chic Teacher. 

Here is the link to her Nonfiction Text Features Unit:
I love this unit for a couple of reasons.

1) It's easy to use
2) The text features posters are suuuuuper cute
3) It includes an assessment for text features

It was perfect for my 5th grade class! 

Just want to say thanks to all the amazing teachers out there who upload their hard work for others to use! It is a HUGE time saver and helps so many children all around the world!!

P.S. In case you'd like to see more, here's more from the Shabby Chic Teacher:

Sight Words

You can download this poster {here}

In our district we use Zeno words.  In first grade, we give our students 5 sight words a week to memorize and practice at home.  Then, at school each day, we practice those words!  I LOVE my sight word chants that I got from Kathleen at Growing Kinders.  You can grab those for free {here}.  Each stick {mine are actually not on sticks, I was too lazy} has a little way for the students to practice their words. For instance, the volcano is when the students start in a squat on the floor and as they spell each letter of their sight word, they start to stand up. When they are finished with the word, they EXPLODE {jump up} and shout the word they just spelled. We do that with all 5 words each day {picking a new activity each day}.  I put them in an old Crystal Light container.

The next GREAT idea is from my sweet friend, Sarah.  She's made these awesome sight word sticker books.  The students get SO motivated to get their next sticker.  It's *PRECIOUS* how hard they will work for their stickers. A PRICELESS IDEA!

Another FABULOUS idea from Kathleen at Growing Kinders is her sight word password. We do this in my classroom and my kiddos love to "whisper" the password as they come into the classroom.  Our class VIP gets to stand at the door and take the password.  If a student doesn't know that password, our VIP can give them a clue or just tell them what it is.  I make sure to watch and see who doesn't know the password so that I can pull them back for a little intervention time or I'll just work on that word in their guided reading group.  The password is on the door all day, so they are getting a lot of practice.  The password changes each day {we have 5 words a week}. I have the sight word posted inside of the classroom as well.
After they say the password, they write it in their password books:
Clipart from DJ Inkers and used with permission from

You can download the book and password sign {here}!

I also have parents who come in and test to make sure the students know their sight words.  I use the sight word sticker books as more of a motivational tool, but you could use it as a way to track how many words they know.  I actually use a grid that my teammate Brittany made and it that looks like this:

Here's my word wall:

I store my sight words in this index card holder.  They are each labeled on the back with their week number.  So, week #1 words are all together and have a 1 on the back of them.  Clear as mud?

Welp! That's it!  I hope this has helped you out.  
Also, for more word wall/sight word activities go {HERE}

Take a Bite out of the Common Core {Reading Literature}

I have been working SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard on this packet. I've been compiling, reformatting, and creating this for a long time.  This packet is full of mini-lessons that teach the Reading Literature Standards for the CCSS {ELA} for 1st Grade.  These are PERFECT for your mini-lessons for Daily 5 OR for your guided reading groups.  Use them however you want, but rest easy because every standard in the Literature Standard is covered in this packet!

This preview is only a portion of what is available in this packet!

Please know that I will be making more of these lessons to go with the
 rest of the ELA Common Core for 1st grade. 

Comes in color and black/white!

*Question Words Necklace
*Sticky Notes Retell
*5 Finger Retelling
*The 5 Senses of a Story or Poem
*Informational/Narrative Double Bubble Organizer
*Informational vs. Narrative Sort
*Who is Speaking?
*Compare and Contrast {books}
*Compare and Contrast {characters}
*Story Elements Posters

*Although this is aligned to the CCSS for 1st Grade Reading Literature, this 

would be a perfect review for 2nd grade or intro to your higher kindergartners.

Click {here} to check it out!

Subtraction Bowling

We've been really working on our subtraction skills!  
Here's a *quick* and super fun activity to do with your kiddos.  

Subtraction Bowling!

Dixie Cups
Tennis or bouncy ball
Recording Sheet

1.  Have your students set up 10 Dixie Cups against a wall {5 cups, then 4, then 3, then 2, and then 1}.
2. The first player rolls the ball toward the Dixi Cups.
3. The first player counts how many pins were knocked over and records that number on their recording sheet.
4. Using one of the strategies we've practiced {counting back, number line, draw a picture}, they find out how many pins were not knocked down {It's their partner's job to make sure they don't *cheat* and just count the pins not knocked over and actually subtract}.
5. The student can check their answer by counting how many pins were not knocked down.
6. Now it's player two's turn! Keep taking turns until each player has had 10 turns.

Click the picture to download:

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