Subtraction Bowling

We've been really working on our subtraction skills!  
Here's a *quick* and super fun activity to do with your kiddos.  

Subtraction Bowling!

Dixie Cups
Tennis or bouncy ball
Recording Sheet

1.  Have your students set up 10 Dixie Cups against a wall {5 cups, then 4, then 3, then 2, and then 1}.
2. The first player rolls the ball toward the Dixi Cups.
3. The first player counts how many pins were knocked over and records that number on their recording sheet.
4. Using one of the strategies we've practiced {counting back, number line, draw a picture}, they find out how many pins were not knocked down {It's their partner's job to make sure they don't *cheat* and just count the pins not knocked over and actually subtract}.
5. The student can check their answer by counting how many pins were not knocked down.
6. Now it's player two's turn! Keep taking turns until each player has had 10 turns.

Click the picture to download:

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