The Common Core and YOU!

Our district has taken on the Common Core State Standards for Language Arts FULL ON! 
Whoo-eeee! It's a great core, but it's a bit lot different from what we are used to and it's a lot of work. I'm sure once we all get used to it they'll change it. Am I right? ;)

We are very lucky to have a district who has laid out each part of the CCSS and made a unit/scope and sequence to go along with it. They've made a lesson for every.part.of.the.core!!! I don't follow it directly, but I pull from it every now and then. I'm really particular about things {some might call it OCD}. You can find all of this on my district's website {here} and then just click on your grade.

Hopefully each month I can feature something new I've done with my kiddos that relate to the CCSS's and I'll offer freebies and tips for you!

The next few things I've made relate to "Reading Standards For Literature"
 in the CCSS.

Just added:

"How" is also added on the new download! :)

When we read to each other in partners, we use these little check marks to remember our questions we ask to check for understanding.

This is your beginning, middle, end graphic organizer.  You just fold it in half and cut on the dotted lines. Then, you can color a picture or write something that happened under the beginning flap, middle flap, and end flap.

Check back for ideas on the new CCSS Writing standards! I'll be posting some new ideas.

Here's a way you can keep track of what standard you teach and when.  Click the picture to see more! 

There are two types of checklists. These are the data checklists:

These are perfect for report cards, RtI, data for PLCs, or to give you detailed information for your small group work.

Click each picture:





The best part about these checklists is that they are editable! You will be able to enter your students' names on the first document, and it will automatically fill in their names on EVERY page! 
If you would like to purchase the ELA or MATH checklists separately, you can find them here:

We also have THESE checklists available! These make it so you can "check off" things as you teach them so you can track what/when you've taught.

Click each picture to check them out!




Here's an example of how these checklists can help you organize and teach the Common Core. Once you teach the standard, you "check it off" or put a date on it:

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