The day after. . .

You know it's going to happen. The inevitable day after Halloween CRASH! Do you think you'll need an endless supply of Diet Coke...maybe even a IV of it?  Perhaps you'll declare it "read to yourself day"!  Maybe you'll pretend like Halloween never happened?

Nah. You'll turn the day after into a teaching experience, of course!

Why not let them share what happened on Halloween in an opinion writing piece?
 Here is a writing idea you can use on Tuesday!

Lower grades:

Upper grades:

Click {here} to download!

Also, remember these:

Well I had some requests to add a "how" to those posters...

So, re-download {here}

Natalie and I are SUPER excited for the blogger/teacher meet-up in Salt Lake City on Sat., Nov. 5th! 
If you are interested in coming, please email us! You don't have to have a blog in order to come!

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