The most random ever

I know this is not a Management Monday post, but I have way too much to say today!
 Look for a Management Monday post next Monday!
*WARNING* this post will be totally RANDOM! :)

What l’m lovin’!

*If you are in the Utah area on November 5th, we will be having a teacher/blogger meet-up
{you do not have to have a blog to come}!
I'm so excited to have lunch with fabulous teachers/bloggers in our area.
I was completely inspired by Cara's meet-up she had in Texas. For more details go to our Facebook event {here}. If you don't have a Facebook and would like more information, just email me. {}

*I'm lovin' all the support I've gotten on TpT from all of you {and I know Natalie does too}. Thank you and I feel so blessed. The winner of my new Guided Reading Packet that guessed first what I like to do most other than blog/teach was...  
YES! I love to organize my classroom!  I do love the other options too {except working out}, but I most love to organize. 
 Didn't win? Oh, well I love having sales on my TpT items. 
It's on sale for 3 more days!
 Click {here} to see it!

*I cannot even WAIT to use Abby's {The Inspired Apple} "Pop Rockin' Descriptive Writing Activities" when we get back on track in November. I've got it all printed and so ready to go!  Who woulda thought to use Pop Rocks Candy in writing {GENIUS}!? 
*I am also LOVIN' Kathleen's {Growing Kinders} "It's Fall Ya'll Seasonal Math and Literacy Activities".  She is truly talented! I'm really excited for the cute spinner activity in there!

*I just want to give a shout out to the ladies at Lesson Plan SOS blog {Melissa and Nicole}. THEY HAVE BEEN SO HELPFUL TO NATALIE AND I! We appreciate everything you have done for us.
P.S. Everyone should go to their blog and become a follower because they have about a bazillion ideas on there!

*Have you read Ron Clark's new book, The End of the Molasses Classes?
Let me start by being honest...
I wasn't sure I would want to read another teacher book, but I started reading it one night when I couldn't sleep.
I'm SO GLAD I DID!!!!!! He is so motivating, inspiring, wonderful, hilarious, and admirable. I want to be him when I grow up. He cares so much about his teaching passion and was even Disney's Teacher of Year. Let me follow up by saying he was featured on Oprah. Need I say more?
I particularly like the fact he has built his own school, The Ron Clark Academy, and has a GIANT slide going down to the 1st floor. That's legit and completely necessary.

I love this part of chapter 8 {and this whole chapter}:
"Be selfless with your contributions to the team."
This made me think. I love to share my ideas with the blogging world and I need to make sure I share my ideas with my team any time I can. When we collaborate, we are really helping each other's students. It's  important to think of all of the 1st grade students as all of ours, instead of just Mrs. Smith's class or Mrs. Johnson's class.  We inspire and develop the minds of all of the students.

I love chapter 51:
"Don't constantly stress about test scores. We have to stop sending the message to our students that the purpose of learning is to take a test."
I seriously feel stressed over our district testing! I hate that feeling. I need to realize that CHILDREN ARE NOT DATA AND WE NEED TO TEACH THE CHILDREN!  We teach them to prepare them for college or the working world, not to take a test. We need to love, support, teach, and inspire these kids. 

So, head over to Amazon and BUY.THIS.BOOK.
Or buy it for your principal, or that moody teacher down the hall. It's super inspiring.

I told you it was completely random and a little long. If you made it to the end I THANK YOU!

I want to hear from you!  What is something you are lovin' these days? 
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