Just like that old time rock n' roll!

The kinda music just soothes my soul {insert Tom Cruise sliding across the floor in his tighty whiteys}! Here's a little Sunday pick-me-up!

Ya'll know that song, right? I love it! I did a dance routine to it when I was in 1st grade. I'm sure I rocked it...hahaha, yeah right!

I have made a time packet of activities{hour and half hour} based on games I've already played with my kiddos during my unit on time.  I just cutesified them!  This packet has 13 games {over 60 pages} that can be played whole group and in small groups {perfect for math tubs}. The best part might you ask???? I have made a colored AND black/white version for each game...just in case you like to save on the colored ink.

Here is one of the games in the packet that I'm giving to you as a a freebie {click here}!

Head over to my TpT and check out this packet of activities {you might just see EVERYTHING in my store on sale TODAY, including this packet}!  

Oh and I'm giving this packet away on our Facebook page so head over there and "like" us to find out how you can win!
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