Wax Museum!

Every year all of our 5th graders participate in our school's Wax Museum program. It is seriously one of the highlights of the entire school year! 

Here's a run down of how things work:
-Students choose a biography on a famous American.
-They read the book and complete the American Hero book report.
-They design a poster, create a costume, and memorize information about their hero.
-For the Wax Museum, the students bring all their stuff and set up in the gym. 
-We invite our school, parents, community members, etc. to come see our program.
-Our students become wax figures and when someone pushes their button they come to life and give information about their hero.

Here are some pictures from this year's museum:
 Aren't these kids absolutely adorable in their costumes?!
(I normally don't post pictures of my students on here, but luckily I'm friends with both of their moms and they gave me permission to post their cute faces.)

And I think these two posters turned out AMAZING!!

If you are interested, I have uploaded (and revamped) all of my resources and put them for sale in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I have included everything you might need to get started and to implement this project in your own school. I'd love for you to check it out!

Does your school do a Wax Museum? 
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