Great Artists

Are your students great artists? The answer is YES!  All of our students are great artists because they think they are and that's what I want my kiddos to take with them as they go on to second grade.  They can do anything if they think they can.

Watch this video:

1. The students love learning about famous artists and making their own art work to look like the famous artists.
2. Parent volunteers teach the lessons {YESSS!!!}.  It's pretty much amazing. A "Great Artist Coordinator" trains all of the parent volunteers and makes sure you have someone in your class volunteering.  I just have to be there and support the volunteer and kiddos!
3. Their artwork is AMAZING and their confidence is built each time!
4. We do one famous artist every 6-8 weeks, so it's not overwhelming at all.
5. It's fun and simple!!!!

That is the basis for The Great Artist Program.  I {big} {puffy} {heart} this program!

Here are my kiddos in action making the "Great Wave" picture just like the famous artist, Hokusai.

This is the picture we were getting our inspiration from!

We got to use sharpies and then watercolors! SO FUN!  

Here are some finished products {you'll notice they are VERY different, even though they had the same directions}:

This one is VERY unique :)

If you want more information on bringing this program to your school or just to learn more, contact them {here}. They're super friendly!  Tell them What the Teacher Wants sent ya! :)

Here's what you can do RIGHT NOW!  Go to their Facebook page, like it, and then leave them a comment telling them that What the Teacher Wants sent you! How nice would that be!!!!!????
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