Hi, Rachelle here...{and Natalie too}
Saturday afternoon we had our Salt Lake City blogger/teacher meet-up! 
Can I just say that we all had the BEST TIME! I cannot even remember eating my lunch because we talked/laughed so darn much for 3 straight hours!

Here's the group shot of all our new friends!! 

Sharon, Cindy, and Kim

Let me just tell you about these 3 ladies.  I'D DIE TO BE IN THEIR CLASSROOMS!!! 
They all teach way in California!  I'd like to say they made the trip just to come see us, but Sharon just so happens to have a condo in Park City.  These ladies kept us laughing all lunch long and I'm SO obsessed with them {do I sound like a stalker?}.

Malarie, me, and Candace

I LOVED meeting Candace! She's such a sweetie who teaches kinder. She was the perfect person to sit next to and I hope we meet-up again soon! Ok and how cute is her classroom blog?

Malarie and I grew up in the same small town and ended up going to SUU together. She posted {this} fabulous guest post on our blog about using yoga in your classroom.  I love her blog too! Thanks Malarie for making the long trek up to SLC to see us!!!!

Leah, Lindsey, and Natalie

I have been stalking Leah's Pinterest for quite some time. She's got the whole pinning-amazing-ideas-thing down!  She has a cutest blog. that I just found some amazing October things on that I stowed away for next year.  She's from Ohio {no, she didn't come to Utah for the meet-up...she lives here now!} and is SUPER fun!

I about fell over when I met THE TEACHER WIFE! We hugged each other like we were old friends! I really think we are!!!!!  Funny story....I was asking her how she was {because I feel like I know her because I read EVERY post she has ever written}. Then, I asked her how long she's been married and she said 2 1/2 years. WOW ME TOO!  I asked her when she got married....June 13, 2009. WOW ME TOO! It was meant to be. 
I'm sure Natalie and I will be getting together with her much more!

Misty, Ericka and Kasey

Misty is super sweet and she knows her stuff! She is a 1st grade teacher at Natalie's school {Natalie and I do not teach at the same school- that surprised everyone today}.  She just posted her first unit on TpT and let me tell you......IT IS IN MY CART RIGHT NOW {it's a science unit and I love that}! I know she'll do great on TpT! Go follow her now!

Ericka and Kasey {they come as a package...just like me and Natalie} are 2 of the 3 bloggers from First Grade and Fancy Free  You have to read the story about how Ericka and I actually know each other! It's crazy!!!  They have also just posted their first item on TpT and good news....I BOUGHT IT! I had nothing for November ready and I was so thankful when they posted their Harvest unit. Now I have something to be excited for this month in my class!

Here we are with the California ladies!!!!!

Natalie and I had so much fun with Leah and Lindsey

THANK YOU TO ALL WHO CAME! I'm super sad that some of our friends who were traveling from up north couldn't make it because of the snow storm, but we'll do this again {maybe in the summer?}.

Two things I learned from today:
1. Teachers/bloggers/blog stalkers are the most giving, wonderful people. I love this community of teachers and bloggers who have come together to help each other out!

2. We are a total different breed! We got giddy talking about clipart, fonts, blogs, TpT and teaching!  We got heated talking about print ink prices, clipart terms of use, and copyright!

Thanks for a great day!

(And a great BIG thank you to all our bloggy friends who donated items for our fun prize drawing. Everyone who came walked away with awesome prizes!)
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