Hi my name is Rachelle and I am....

OBSESSED/ADDICTED to FONTS {and clipart too, but this post is my ode to teacher fonts}.  This series of posts will run each week during Management Monday {I know it's not a classroom management tool}!  Managing your fonts is VERY important to run a good classroom keep the dear teacher happy. I get tons of emails a week about what fonts I use on that and this and over here and over there...
so I thought I'd help a sista out!

I'll be posting about my favorite fonts and font artist over the next few weeks {I have many}. And I particularly like free fonts.

First up,

An ode to Kevin and Amanda fonts {it rhymes so read it out-loud :) }

How'd you like my poem?  :)  Can you tell I teach 1st grade?

Well, I've been downloading SO many fonts from here and there...I thought I'd organize them a little, so when I go to make a printable, I can see which font I want to use from Kevin and Amanda Fonts.

Download the easy-to-see list {here}

Next up, DJ Inkers or MTF or Sugar Frog or Font Space? Hmmm..... If you need a refresher on where to get those fonts, go {here} to see my free fonts post!

What is your favorite Kevin and Amanda Font?
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