Winter Writing Workbook

So many adorable units available for the younger grades this holiday season.... but what about the upper grades?! If you teach in grades 3-6, you've probably been wondering this. We like having fun and celebrating the holidays too, don't we?!

Well, here is my new Winter Writing Workbook. It has everything you need to lead your students through a well-developed winter story this holiday season!
In this Winter themed writing pack (similar to my popular Halloween Writing Booklet), you will get three story starters that students can choose from. Each story starter contains a brainstorm page to help your students organize their thoughts before they begin writing.

Included in this download:

  • teacher instruction page
  • student instruction page
  • grading rubric
  • mini-lesson journal 
  • 3 writing brainstorm pages
  • writing conference journal
  • blank writing pages
  • writer's checklist

Best of all, this is not focused on Christmas, which means, if your school doesn't/can't teach about a specific holiday, this Writing Workbook would be perfect for you! 

Happy Holidays everyone!
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