Explorers Jackpot!

I was searching the internet today for resources to help teach about Early Explorers. 
(I know I'm a little bit behind in my social studies instruction - I figure that as long as I get to pilgrims by Thanksgiving, I'll still be in good shape.)

*Do you all know the special trick about search for things on the internet? Just add 'pdf' in your google search and you can find some pretty good, ready-to-print resources.*

 These are the two INCREDIBLE resources I found today... thought I'd share:

1: Hands on History: Explorers

A 48 page resource of hands-on, fun projects on explorers. My favorite is the accordion style book that can be found on page 9. 

2. Early Explorers - Teacher Activity Packet

My favorite is page 6 where it has a worksheet on explorer related vocabulary with the pictures associated with each word. 

Finding these resources made me super happy, as I am going to a math conference tomorrow and needed to finish up my social studies sub plans. 

I don't know about you, but I LOVE free resources!! :)
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