Reindeer Graphic Organizers

I had a fabulous response from you AND my students when we did the turkey graphic organizers.  So, I thought I'd give it another try! :)

Do you call them reindeer or caribou? I don't know...there's probably a difference but I'm too lazy I just haven't pulled out my encyclopedia today {aka Google}. I just made ya both!\

I think I'll use these as a pre-write for an informative writing {you know, common core stuff}.

p.s. Have you purchased my Holidays Around the World Unit?  I made a slight change to one of the information pages so PLEASE go re-download for free under "My Purchases" on

Oh and you've GOT to check out these cute maps that Sarah made to go along with my Holidays Around the World Unit. She's got them on her blog for free {here}.

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