What I'm Reading

Christmas break has been wonderful so far! I've loved having so much extra time to be with family, clean the house, and work on fun projects. Another thing I've been doing a lot of is reading. I always enjoy reading a good book and my very favorite thing to do is to take a warm bubble bath while reading! And that's exactly how I've been spending a lot of my nights this break. In the tub, with a good book!! :)

So, what have I been reading? First up, is The Happiness Project
I got the book for Christmas and haven't been able to put it down. It's getting me all geared up for the new year and is helping me analyze my own life and figure out some changes I'd like to make. I'm only half-way done, but so far I give it two thumbs up!

I've also been reading I Wish I Knew That: Geography.
This is a great book, and one that I plan on using with my students for sure. As I started reading, I quickly realized how much it ties in with my science core. Let me just share a list of the topics that are covered in this book:
  • layers of the earth
  • plate tectonics
  • seasons and climates
  • earthquakes and volcanoes
  • oceans (and ocean life)
  • maps
  • the 7 continents
  • how islands are formed
  • how mountains are formed
  • rivers and lakes
  • biomes 
  • deserts and rain forests
I'm not done reading this one yet either, but my head is swarming with ways to use this in my classroom. I'm thinking of making it a literature circle book and creating a graphic organizer for students to fill out with information as they read. It would also include some sort of fun project to do at the end. Not exactly sure yet, but I'll try to keep you all posted on my progress. :)

So, now I NEED to know. What have you been reading over the break? What should I put on my to-read list next??
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