Parent Volunteer Christmas Gifts

Listen up! I have 4 more days of school. Are you feeling sorry for me? Here's my management tip of the week...tell your students that SANTA IS WATCHING THEM! Ok, I'm only kidding!

You might remember my end of the year gifts {thanks Jess} that I give to my parent volunteers.... I posted about those {here}. Well this year, I decided to do a variation of one of them for their Christmas gifts.

Inside of this are some of these {they have them 2 for $2.00 at Target}:


And one of these {they are on sale for $1.00 each}:

I had ribbon at home {FREE} 

I used these bags from Walmart {a 20 pack for $1.93}:

And this tag {Merry Christmas}:

Or maybe you need this one {Happy Holidays}:

Click {here} for the tags! Maybe you're already out of it for next year! :)
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