Snow Globe Art Project

This past year our art specialist was cut from our school. Which means this is the first year that I've had to teach art in my classroom by myself. Luckily, I have a super cute room mom (who majored in art in college) who volunteers to come in my room twice a month to lead my students through a fun art project.

Here are some of the cute snow globes my students made yesterday!
Materials Needed:
-White card stock paper for each student
-1/2 sheet of black construction paper for each student
-Silver and/or white glitter
-Watercolors (you'll only use the blue)
-White tempura paint
-Cups of water for each group
-Cups/plates for white paint for each group. 

Step 1: Using white cardstock, have students use the circle pattern to trace a circle. 

Step 2: Have students draw a cute Christmas/Winter picture inside their circle. Color with crayon. (Tip: If students want something to be white, they must use a white crayon.)

Step 3: Mix the blue water color paint and water to create a wash. Color the entire circle with the blue wash. Let dry. Cut out circle. 

Step 3: Use the white tempura paint to create dots over the entire picture.

Step 4: Cover in silver and/or white glitter. 

Step 5: Cut out the snow globe base from black construction paper using the template. Let dry.

Step 6: Add a Christmas message to the base using white crayon or a scrap of white paper. Glue base to circle.

TADA! A beautiful and fun Christmas art project!

(Thanks you, Mrs. Pendleton, for sharing your talents with our class!)

For a more kinder/1st version, check out Mrs. Jump's Website

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