Christmas Readers' Theatre

The other day I had a thought that it would be fun to do a Christmas-y readers' theatre with my students before we go on break. Thanks to good 'ol Google, I was able to find a couple good ones in just a couple clicks. 

Here's the 1st one I found called: 

There are 15 characters total, so I'll be able to split my class up into two groups. 

I made some character tags that you can give to each character. Just punch some holes in the top and add some string and you're students can wear their tags around their necks.

I'm thinking that after a week or so of rehearsals we will "perform" our little show to a 1st grade class in our school. 
(Our class has a 1st grade class that we do reading buddies with. Each week for about 20 min, my 5th graders go down and read with the 1st graders. We LOVE it! Shout out to my friend, Misty, who is my reading buddy partner and has a really cool 12 Days of Christmas unit for sale at TPT)

I was also able to find another link to a fun Grinch readers' theatre.
(I have not yet made character tags for this one yet... but I might try to get them done tomorrow...)

Do you know of any other free links to readers' theatre? I'd love to know if I'm missing any good ones!

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