Management Monday: Managing your blog

This tip isn't really a classroom management post. It's a little tip to help you {and me}.

How many of you HATE these word verifiers? Yeah, they are checking to make sure robots are not posting on your blog, I get it.....

And by the way, I was not commenting at 3:33pm {during school}. It was 4:33pm. Promise.
I CAN NEVER FIGURE OUT THAT DANG THING!!! On some websites it's ever worse. Have you tried the word verification on Facebook? I have to refresh the word 100 times before I get it! And really, "tream". That's not even a word, I think.

It also takes away precious commenting time on my end.

So, I've devised a little plan to help you change your settings to the most user-friendly commenting settings. You can get more comments and I can give more comments. :)

Here's my tutorial:

Yes, once in a while I'll get a spam comment filter through, but I just delete it. And once in a while I get a mean comment on my blog from an anonymous reader and guess what....I DELETE IT! It's my blog and I'll do what I want to {well it's mine and Natalie's blog}. :)

And there you have it...more user-friendly commenting! Hope you enjoyed! What do you think? Clear as mud?

Um...hello? How did I not know about {this} video tutorial from Kristen at Ladybug's Teacher files BEFORE I made this post. Ahem.

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