This is kind of a big deal...

Do you have a blog idol?  Natalie and I have always loved the ladies over at eighteen25. They have such amazing ideas, they're so sweet, and can I just say 2 words that sum it up: SUBWAY ART!

Today, we are GUEST POSTING over there. Yes. Go ahead and re-read that. Breathe. We are so excited! And do you know what we've discovered? Those ladies are fabulous and down-to-earth.  DUH!

So, can you do us a favor PUH-LEASE?  Head over to eighteen25 {become a follower if you're not}, check out our post, and show us some love. Tell them that What the Teacher Wants sent you! :)

In honor of our readers here at What the Teacher Wants and our new friends at eighteen25, I've made a little printable for your home. 

My husband and I LOVE Chinese food.  We have our favorite place we go to every.single.time.

At the end of the meal we read our fortune from our fortune cookies and we always save the best ones. I would stuff them in our "junk drawer" {you are nodding your head agreeing that you too, stuff anything and everything in that drawer}.  I wanted a cute way to display them so I came up with this:

Here's my non-teaching idea. It doesn't happen often, so soak it up!

Fortune {from a fortune cookie} Display

Here's what you need:
*Frame {Hobby Lobby}- make sure it has the piece of cardboard on the back
*Crafting wire {Walmart}
*Painters tape {Walmart}
*Printable {click on the color you'd like}:

Just tape the printable to the cardboard that comes on the back of your frame. Cut pieces of crafting wire {I cut separate pieces} and pull tight over the printable that's on the cardboard. Tape each end of the wire to the back of the cardboard. Repeat. :)  Then, put your fortunes in the wire and put the glass on top.  Carefully put the glass inside of the frame. Viola! :)

My favorite fortune {my husband got this one}:
You and your wife will be happy in this life.

Background design from Dreamlike Magic

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