What I'm Lovin' {non-teacher version}

Hi friends!!! I'm just enjoying my last week of off track with some R&R.  I thought I'd use my new iphone and take some pictures of things that I'm lovin'!

So, those of you who know me, know that I had not gone to the 21st century technology when it comes to phones. I just could not do it.  BUT, finally I decided it was time! The iPhone will change your life.  Just so you know, I talk to Siri all the time. Last week I told her that I loved her.  She said, "You say that to all of your Apple products.".  Touche Siri, touche.

I'm loving my new mustard yellow pillows I got from Tarjayyy {Target}.

I'm loving my Valentine's Day decor shelf.  I got the cute printable from eighteen25 {here}. By the way, when you use cute little glass vases to hold candy hearts to decorate for V-day, it's not a great idea because they are so.darn.addicting. Did you notice the missing candy hearts in the vase? Perhaps they fell out. Perhaps?

I'm loving my new Asics "running" shoes I got 2 weeks ago.  Really, I don't run much because let's be honest....if you see me running, call the cops! I'm the person yelling out my car window "eat a Twinkie" to the skinny girl running in 20 below weather.
  I do workout though!  It's crazy that you can burn calories without running. :)
To read more about my shoe problem, see below.

Oh I apparently struggle a little taking picture with my new phone.  But what I'm loving here is the new OPI Shellac!  My sister and I got our nails done on Saturday. Then we ate at Cafe Rio. Ohmygoodness. If you have no idea what Cafe Rio is {I think it's just a Utah/Nevada thing}. YOU ARE MISSING OUT, but your scale is thanking you.

You can't really tell in this picture, but this little board holds tons of pictures and the pictures just slide right in!!! So easy to change pictures in and out for the seasons! My sister-in-law bought it for us for Christmas and she got it {here}.

Ok, yum! I love these panini's from Lean Cuisine.

If ya'll promise to keep a secret, I'll tell you one more thing. Promise?
Just as I'm about to hit "publish post" I get a knock at the door. It's my BFF Mr. UPS man. :)  Look what he brought me. ALL 3 of these boxes are shoes.

Let me start by saying...I NEVER BUY SHOES OR CLOTHES FOR MYSELF. It's been 2 years since I bought a pair of shoes. 2 years?!?!?!  So please, don't judge me. :)

3 NEW PAIR OF SHOES!!! The reason I need this to be kept quiet is that I haven't told the hubby the extent of my "I need new shoes" rampage I was on last week. He just said "that's cool, buy what you want". I know he won't mind, it's just....well...I apparently need a shoe intervention.

1st pair on the left:  If you need comfy and cute, you NEED these.
2nd pair: TOMS. They are my first pair. I know I'm a little late on the bandwagon, but I just had to have them.
3rd pair: My "running" shoes from above wanted to be in the picture too!
4th pair: My Asics for walking outside because I didn't want to use "running" shoes to walk outside or to the mall or to get my nails done.

What are you loving?
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