Management Monday: Pumpkin Present

Halloween time is full of wonderful things!  Like: pumpkins, haunted houses, candy, soup, and REALLY EXCITED STUDENTS!  To help my students remember the rules and expectations during the few weeks leading up to Halloween, we do a "Pumpkin Present" each day.

During the day, if a student is following the rules and expectations, 
they will get the pumpkin on their desk.

I move the pumpkin all around on different students' desks all day.  If you are working nicely, you'll probably see the pumpkin once, maybe even twice on your desk! You can't play with him or touch him, but if you are the very last person to have the pumpkin on your desk at the end of the day..... YOU GET THE "PUMPKIN PRESENT" that is inside of the pumpkin!  I like to put pencils, or stickers, or smarty pants tickets, or maybe silly bands! *If you have lots of kiddos in your class...send around 2 pumpkins!

You do this everyday leading up to Halloween! You'll be amazed and how nicely they work!  This idea is a bit like the Dr. Seuss one I did in March.  Try the "Pumpkin Present" for yourself. You'll be in awe and how well it works!

What do you do to maintain order and focus during the weeks leading up to Halloween?
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