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The Daily 5 craze is all around us.  I'm jumping on that ship for sure! 
I can't lie, I'm super nervous.  I actually really loved the way I ran my choice centers before {you can see how I did that here}, but they were A LOT of work switching them out every 2 weeks, making copies {we're doing a paper crack-down at my school}, and finding missing pieces all over the room! I felt like they were pretty meaningful, but not as much as I'd like. So hence the switch to Daily 5.

Enough of my sob story! :)  I'm thinking of ways to do "Work on Writing".  Since I have a separate time for my kiddos to work on their daily journals {I like checking and helping the students edit their journals each day- I'm not sure I could find time for that if we did it during Daily 5}, I have to think of a few options for my kiddos to do during "Work on Writing".

I think I'll organize my "Work on Writing" like this:

Clutter-free classroom has GREAT ideas {click HERE} 

Here's my idea for "Work on Writing".  Each week there will be:

1. A themed writing page {Valentine's Day, Easter, etc.} like this one:
Click {here} to go to the previous post about these

2. Writing prompt cards in case they can't think of anything to write about:
Click {here} for the cards

3. Blank writing pages
Click {here} for the blank writing page

4. Lists and list ideas

Click {here} for the list and list idea cards

5.  And one I forgot, but a reader reminded me {thanks Lesson from my Boys} is the option for the students to write to the friends! I whipped up some different writing stationaries {11} and here some examples:

Click {here} for the writing stationery

Fonts are from Dj Inkers!

Do you have any questions or more ideas for "Work on Writing"?

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