Most of you know that my theme this year is centered around cupcakes and the phrase "5th grade is really sweet!" 
Well... a wonderful and delicious bakery named Dippidee donated cupcakes for my entire class for back to school night!!
 I shared some of the extras with my cute team members! Of course, everyone LOVED them!
 Look at these beauties!
 And they looked so good sitting on top of my students' desks. Each new student was so excited to be welcomed by a colorful cupcake.

Outside in the hall I made a display of cupcakes with each students' name on it. My friend helped me cut these out on her Cricut.
And in case you're wondering, my class is officially open for business! Tomorrow is day numero uno!
(Here's a sneak peek into my classroom.)

Good luck to all my friends in blogland that are starting soon! 
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