What's Cookin' in Mrs. Smith's 1st grade?

I'm linkin' up with Blog Hoppin'!  This is where is ALL GOES DOWN!

I've been in school for almost a week! It has been so crazy busy right now that I feel like I've neglected you all! I promise I think about you all while I'm dozing off on the couch at 7:00pm while watching *Teen Mom*. I'm just exhausted! :)

Well friends...here it is...my cookin' classroom! :)  I pretty much have gotten all of my ideas from all of you fabulous bloggers! So, if you see something familiar-make sure you click on the link to see where I got inspiration from!

My reading corner is inspired by {this} website 
(Thanks for all of the ideas Mrs. Blankenburg!)

Here is my CAFE Menu.  I made the letters on my computer, but with the polka dot borders from {this} author on TpT for free. I got the CAFE posters from {here}.
The little chef kid in the corner of the board is from Scrappin' Doodles.

This is where I display my students' work. Those are tin foil cookie sheets! 
Today we hung our "first grade dolls" up.

First grade is SO SWEET! I have my birthday balloon sticks {that post can be found here}. I haven't hung up my VIP poster yet because we haven't started it {you can find the VIP poster here}.

Beginning of the year bulletin board inspired by {this} post!
"Ant"icipating a great year!

Calendar {look for an upcoming post about how I conduct calendar!!!}

Table points {inspired by this}, schedule {found here}, and Brownie Points {found here}. 

Daily 5 board!  The polka dot border can be found {here} and the Daily 5 posters can be found {here}.

I love the numbers above my alphabet! I got from Mrs. Lemons {here}.

My kiddos LOVE the crate seats that I made {click here to see how}.

Well, that's that!  Hope your appetites are all satisfied! 
{Get it?  I have a cooking themed classroom...hahaha}

Oh and P.S.  Have you seen my downloads on Ladybug's Teacher Files today?  
Yeah, I made a guest post on her FABULOUS blog! :)  Check it out {here}.

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