Our New Friend!

Our class has a cute, new, little friend!
Meet our new class pet! A chinchilla!

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by Petsmart who wanted to give my class a gift card to pick out a class pet. After a lot of thinking and research, I decided a chinchilla would be the perfect pet for my class.

(Click here to learn more about Petsmart's educational programs and to learn more about how you could earn a grant to get a pet for your own classroom.)

Chinchillas are not cheap, but luckily my gift card was able to cover the entire purchase of the pet, the cage, and many of the start up materials. Amy, my local Petsmart manager, was able to help me through the process, answer all of my questions, and give me the information I needed to take care of my new friend.

Thank you to Petsmart for everything!! My students LOVE her!!

I told my class that they could name her. After narrowing down the list, we are voting between the names Cupcake and Chimichunga (Chimi for short) tomorrow. I will let you know what the class decides. :)

If any of you are considering getting a class pet, please feel free to use this questionnaire I made to help assess allergies and to get feedback as to which pets your students would be interested in.

Any advice for me? What tips do you have for caring for a class pet? Anyone had a chinchilla before?
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