Three For Thursday!

Hi friends! It's Rachelle here.
I'm linkin' up with Blog Hoppin'!
 I didn't even ask Natalie to add to this post because it's her first week of school and she's SWAMPED! So here are my 3 for Thursdays!!!

My favorite fonts {click on each font to see its source}:

My favorite blog(s) {UM...I love about 1,000 blogs....just look at my sidebar.....----->}
I have about 996 more blogs that I LOVE and I promise I do love you, but my post was getting out of hand!!!!

You have to go over to their blog and see how Ericka and I met! I love First Grade and Fancy Free!

Kristen always has the best tutorials and ideas! She even designed our blog!

Doesn't their name say it all?  Anytime I'm in a lesson crunch...they're always there to save the day.
PLUS, we've become blogging friends!

I know this isn't a blog, but I love all of Dustin's  ideas {can I call you Dustin?}
Plus he's funny to boot!

Oh and go visit my friend Malarie....she has a CUTE blog too {she doesn't have a button yet}.
You can Make the Sunshine Anytime!

My favorite online resource(s):

I love ESGI. It's basically an amazing website that I've been loving my first week of school {I'll post more about it soon}. 

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And I also love.....

Google! HA! I'm serious...I google EVERYTHING {Google is a verb, ya know}!!

Ok one more, I promise. I love PINTEREST {or as my hubby says "pin interest"..hahah}! Follow me by clicking the icon below.

P.S. If you aren't on our sidebar, and you wanna be...just comment here with your blogs URL. Loves!
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