Random thoughts on grad school...

I've been thinking a lot lately about grad school. I've always known that I wanted to get my master's degree (and possibly even a PhD), but first life was about getting my husband through college, then I started my technology endorsement, then I had a baby, and so forth.

But to be honest, thinking about applying for grad school makes my head hurt. Literally. These are the things that start running through my head:
  • I always thought I'd want to be a principal some day and always thought I'd go the administration route, but then I saw how tiring it was to be a principal, and how you have to deal with so much negativity from parents, other teachers, the district, etc. That turned my head away from administration real fast.
  • Then I was sure I wanted to do something social studies related. My undergrad minor was a social studies composite and I LOVE American history with a passion. I've thought about the idea of teaching it in a high school or jr high setting, but then I remember how much I love ten year olds and how I love teaching all the other subjects too. 
  • Then I thought I'd do a masters in STEM. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.) But then I get scared because it seems so hard. Engineering on a college level? Not so sure I could handle it.
  • Then I think about the usuals: reading, curriculum design, ELL, etc. I think about technology in education and how much I would like that. I sometimes even play around with the idea of special ed. Could I make a difference in the special education world?

That's only the first hard part. Then I have to think about WHERE. Where do I go to get my masters? Do I do a simple online course so I can work at my own pace from the comfort of my own home? Do I go to a local community college or a university close to home? I think about how, as a little girl, I used to dream of going to Penn State. Could I really move my family across the country? Is that logical? (One time my husband applied for a job in Texas and I thought I could go to Texas A&M... too bad he didn't get the job...)

This post is just me sorting out my thoughts. 
Maybe someone out there has some answers to my questions? 
Any advice? 

P.S. Sorry there are no freebies or cute clipart included in the post. :)
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