Management Monday: Tattling

I know we all have this little issue in our classroom. Give me a:

GO NO Tattling!

 It's very difficult for students to only worry about themselves! I made a lesson to help with this very thing. Some kiddos just don't know any better. Many kiddos don't know the difference between an emergency and a tattle.  I ALWAYS want my babes to know that their voices and feelings are heard. I try to ask them in a kind way if it's an emergency or a tattle. I never want to shoo them away.  I like the idea of a tattling turtle or the tattling monster. I've never done it before, but do you think I should add it into my classroom???

Here's what I have for you:

Pocket chart sorting activity:

The fight chant:

How do you deal with tattling in your classroom or at home?

Clipart and/or fonts used by permission from DJ Inkers

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