Predicting, Reading responses and rhyming

As we work on more comprehension strategies in my classroom, I've noticed that many of my students don't know what the word "prediction" means!  So, I hurried and created a mini-lesson to help!

First, you introduce what predicting means {guessing is what I compare it to} and use these cards to hang on the board:

Then, you tell them that when they predict what is going to happen in a story, they can say one of the following:

We then read the book, Do you Want to Be My Friend? By Eric Carle.


This is a perfect book to predict! The mouse is looking for a friend. On each page it gives a hint as to what animal he will ask to be his friend {it shows their tail}.  I have my kiddos raise their hand if they can predict what animal it might be. They will say:

I predict...
I bet...
I think...

After that, we practice our predicting skills!  I use these animal posters and cover up most of the picture and have them predict what animal it is. {so when you download this mini-lesson, you'll have to cut out your pictures and find a piece of paper to cover up most of the picture}

They record each animal on their recording sheet. Afterward, we go through to see if their predictions were correct.

Click {HERE} to download the predicting mini-lesson!

Oh and I have some reading responses that I put on my TpT store for Free {11 pages!!!!!}!  
Go grab them {here}. the title of this post said...I've got one rhyming/matching game. Some of my sweeties are having a really hard time with rhyming {I've never really had a problem with it in years past}.
 I'll say, what rhymes with {mop} and they'll say {cat}. It's quite frustrating, but I just smile REAL big and say, no let's try again.

Needless to say, a few do not have rhyming down quite yet. 

Here's a rhyming/matching game!  
{click the picture to download for free}  

Ok... so I've done rhyming games, word families, and songs....NOW WHAT? 
How can I help my little sweeties with rhyming when they just aren't getting it? HELP!

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