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 I'm pretty sure most kinder, 1st grade and 2nd grade classrooms are teaching about apples right now or in the near feature. I thought I'd share my ideas with ya...and my printables! :) I love doing this apple unit in 1st grade! Thanks to my team for all the great ideas!

First, I teach my kiddos about the parts of an apple and then label them in our science journal:
I made this apple out of construction paper. 

Then we play the apple parts games!  I give each of my students one of the following cards. Then, I read a clue for one of the parts of an apple. For instance, "this part of the apple protects the inside of the apple". The students with "skin" will hold up their card.  Then, I give another clue and those students will hold up their card. :) It's a great vocabulary game that I got from my teammates.

I give this little test at the end of the week:

In the new common core, the students need to do a bit a lot of opinion writing.  So, this is the week I teach fact and opinion. I do it with apples, of course and I use my pocket chart.

Then, we taste apples! I send home a note a few days earlier and students bring in one apple of their choice. I cut up all the apples and we taste each kind. They decide which one they like the best and write an opinion piece {for the beginning of the year, I only have them state their opinion and one supporting sentence}.

Our graphing math activity for apples is so YUMMY! I bring in apple sauce, juice, pie, and a plain apple. We taste a small bite of each of them and vote for our favorite. Then we record:

We also talk about Johnny Appleseed!  My teammate had the cutest Johnny Appleseed that we did {sorry, no printable for that!} and then we completed a  little vocabulary sheet:

And last but not is a little card I give my kiddos at the end of the week:

No worries, there's more! I've been droolin' over some of the blogs out there! Apple ideas galore!

I also found some WAY cute apple ideas on Cara's blog, The First Grade Parade. Check em' out!

Fran, from Kindergarten Crayons, has a cute pattern/apple book!

I am loving the cute apple bulletin board Miss Elisabeth has posted on her blog!

I found this great apple labeling idea too, from Mrs. Bumgardners 1st grade class!

Math and apples make a fine combination in Mrs. Wills' kinder class! LOVE A LOT!

Busy Bees are just that...BUSY! They have so many ideas to keep you and your kiddos busy with apples.

Michelle has the cutest pre-k ideas! Check out her apple stuff!

Watch out for the CUTEST Johnny Appleseed main idea chart from Abby at The Inspired Apple.

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Clipart by Scrappin Doodles

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