Super Teacher Worksheets!

Just wanted to send a shout out to one of my favorite websites! I LOVE! I've used them twice recently for special projects.

Project #1 - I'm getting ready to do my 1st math test of the year on place value. I went to this website looking for some extra worksheets to use for practice and review. I downloaded 8 different worksheets on place value and decimals. Then, I used the copy machine to do a pamphlet copy (I shrunk each page down to 64%). It comes out in an nice little program-looking book . It only takes 2 sheets of paper per students instead of 8, and my students don't feel as overwhelmed, because it doesn't look like too much work.

Here's how to do the pamphlet copy on the machines at our school.
 1st select special modes.
Then select pamphlet copy.

Project #2 - I had a student who I noticed was struggling with subtraction with regrouping. I sent a note home to her mom to let her know that we were working on it and wondered if mom could also help out at home. The next day her mom asked for some extra practice pages so they can work on it. I quickly found a couple pages on Super Teacher Worksheets, printed them for her, and stapled them together. The best part is that each worksheet comes with an answer key! I folded the key in half and sent it home with her as well. Now she will be able to check her work after she's done. No waiting until the next day to see if she got them right or wrong.

Anyways, that's all. Just wanted to share this website with you all. Hope you find it as helpful as I do. :)

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