September 11th

I remember that Tuesday morning when I was working the morning shift at work. The TV's were on and my coworker and I looked up as the footage from plane number one was being re-shown on the screen. It looked like a scene from a movie, we both stood their in shock as we heard the report. That's when the second plane flew straight into the other Tower. There was smoke and the reporters were saying that it must be terrorists.

I was scared the whole day. Scared that something else would happen; something closer to my home. Sports games were cancelled and candlelight vigils were held.

As horrible as that day was, it was amazing to see America come together as one.

As I reflect back on that day I'm so grateful for the heroes of 9/11. The firefighters who lost their lives, the people on flight 93 who fought back, the countless numbers of wives, husbands, and children left behind...

Here are some materials for you to use as you teach students about that day. 

Click HERE to download!

I assign the 9/11 homework the day before I'm going to teach about it, so students can come prepared with their interviews. They come to school with more background knowledge and understand the significance of it a little bit better.

Have any thoughts or feelings you'd like to share? Anything special you do to teach about September 11th? Please leave a comment, I'm sure we'd all like to hear!

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