Text Features

Did you know.....

...if you search for 'text features' on Teachers Pay Teachers, 1047 resources immediately pull up.

...of the 1047 resources, 109 of them are FREE!

Of the text features resources I looked through on TPT, my very favorite is by a cute gal who calls herself the Shabby Chic Teacher. 

Here is the link to her Nonfiction Text Features Unit:
I love this unit for a couple of reasons.

1) It's easy to use
2) The text features posters are suuuuuper cute
3) It includes an assessment for text features

It was perfect for my 5th grade class! 

Just want to say thanks to all the amazing teachers out there who upload their hard work for others to use! It is a HUGE time saver and helps so many children all around the world!!

P.S. In case you'd like to see more, here's more from the Shabby Chic Teacher:

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