Picture Perfect Class!

For my back-to-school bulletin board, I used Kimberly Geswein's Font "KG Second Chances Sketch". The PRECIOUS cameras came from Jessica Sawyer Design on Etsy! They are so cute! Go buy them ASAP!

So, as I begin a new school year, I like to look ahead and start setting goals. I want to be a better teacher each year!  There are so many things I need to do to be better. I'm not perfect. I slack, get lazy, cry, and sometimes need an extra unsweetened iced tea on rough days. I think making goals each year can help me strive to be better and be accountable for it! :)  So, I created this gem:

Click the picture to download.

I printed mine off and plan to keep it nice and safe in my Erin Condren Teacher Planner

Some of my goals...

*Level my new books from Scholastic
*Organize my theme books

*Plan guided reading lessons EVERY DAY (I'm the master of "off the cuff")

*Make my bed each day (am I 12 years old?)
*Go to the gym 4-5 times a week (yeah, right!!!)

What goals do you have this year?  It helps to say (type) them out loud! HA!

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