Day 7 and 8 {Christmas in July}

Since we are both packing and getting ready to fly to VEGAS for the I Teach K Conference and Vegas Blogger Meet-up, we have decided to combine two sale days together. The items listed below will be on sale for 15% off until midnight on Sunday!


This sale is all about Guided Reading and Literature Circles!

This Guided Reading Packet...has over 80 pages of activities and tools you can use in your small reading groups! It fits perfectly with kindergarten and 1st grade!

This booklet was created to hold students accountable during their literature circles. This 18 page booklet walks students through the whole process of reading literature and serves as a final project for the book.

The following topics are covered:
-Main Character
-Making Connections

 When doing Literature Circles with my class, I like to make sure that students are accountable for their reading. When I'm working with small groups, I need to make sure that the other groups are focused and working independently. These blank pages and job assignments will ensure that students are doing their assigned reading in their groups. 

This download is perfect for students in grades 3-6, and can be used with any chapter book.

I have included 4 job assignments, so that each student in the group has a job and a responsibility each day. (You could also have 3 students in a group and have one person take on two responsibilities.)

Also included is an end-of-book project assignment. Each group will turn their chapter book into an illustrated children's book. The instructions and page templates are included in this download.

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