Back-to-School Bash!!!

Can you believe it is time to....dare I say it...go back to school?!? That's right! Summer has come and gone, and it is time to get back into those classrooms, organize all of that supplies, decorate your space, plan some out of this world lessons to WOW your kiddos on those first few days back, and well...that leaves zero only a small amount of time for you. BUT...I have great news. Some of my best friends and I know a *little* something about how hard teachers work and how much blood sweat tears love we pour into our classroom each year.  So, we have been planning a little something {for quite a long time} to hopefully set you on the right track for your best year yet! 

For the next week {August 1-5}, we will be hosting a massive giveaway with some of our favorite teacher things. We have some amazing sponsors, and let me just say...people LOVE teachers, y'all. Each of the sponsors below were more than willing to support and give to such a sweet group of people. {Because we all know...teachers are the BEST!} 

Here is how this will all go down. Below you will find 17 amazing "Bash Baskets." One basket will be featured on each one of these blogs: 

All you will need to do is "hop around" to each blog and enter to win. You can make sure that you don't miss one single blog by looking for this little apple at the end of our post. If you keep clicking the apple at the bottom of each post, you will find all 17 Bash Baskets...which means 17 chances to WIN it BIG! 

How easy is that?!? While you are checking out some of the teacher swag below, be sure and give our sponsors a little love by following their shops {click the links}. I am telling you, you won't want to miss out on any of these amazing prizes. CHECK. THEM. OUT. 

Instagram and Twitter: @erincondren

Jennifer, the designer for JC Sweetpea Designs has also designed a special set of clipart to give to ALL of our sweet teachers. How cute are her designs?!? Here clip art is also all over our giveaway designs. :) 

Put a Case on Me (Facebook) and (Website)


Seriously? Are those not some amazing prizes? But that's not all. Each blog will also be giving away some of their best selling units. You will have to wait until the hop to see what each blogger will be giving away! 

Now, make sure you come back tomorrow {or anytime between August 1-5} to enter to win 17 different Bash Baskets! 

See you tomorrow! 

My Husband is Smart!

Ok, he'll never see this post so I can say that my husband is so smart.  Otherwise, his ego would get too big! :)  HA!  Every year, my husband comes in and helps me in my classroom.... like for real. He NEVER complains about it either. I know, he's a keeper!  Each time he's in my classroom, I ask him to put up my alphabet and decorations in the front of the classroom.  Yes... I have a MAN do that and he's really good at it!

When I saw him putting it up, I noticed he started in the middle with the letter "M".  And I had an epiphany! HE'S SO SMART! I'm sure y'all knew this trick, but I seriously didn't.... haha!  He started on the "M" because it's in the middle of the alphabet.

And then he worked backwards!  I know you are all thinking "how did she not know this?", but I really didn't think about it!

My alphabet you can get {here} for primary colors and {here} for bright. 
You can get the colors from Mrs. Lemons {here}.

These are my new mini-decor packs! They are called "Up-Front Decor" because they give you what you need to decorate the front of your classroom!  They include alphabet line with pictures, 1-20 number posters, and color word posters! 

*Click the pictures*


I can't wait for our Utah Teacher/Blogger meet-up this Friday!  Natalie and Nikki (Melonheadz) have been working on getting sponsors and prizes! They have some AMAZING things up their sleeve! Can't wait to meet you!
Calling all Utah teachers!! You are hereby invited to our 2nd annual Utah Blogger Teacher meet up at the Pie in Midvale!
We are teaming up with Lindsey {The Teacher Wife} to host a really fun lunch date in SLC. 

*Please RSVP on our Facebook event page (HERE) as soon as possible so we can get a head count on how many people we can expect!

Some things you should know:

*The location has been determined... it's at the Pie in Midvale

*You do NOT need to have a blog to come. Anyone who teaches in Utah is invited to come! The more the merrier!

*If you do not live in Utah, but still want to come, you are welcome to come as well!! (Last year we had some visitors from California and we absolutely loved it!)

*Besides getting to meet RachelleNatalie, and Lindsey... the famous Melonheadz will be there too! You do not want to miss out!

Take-Home Reading Folders {Made Easy}

I am so excited about my new folders! I just have a tad-bit of a clipart addiction to Melonheadz and I couldn't wait to put her little Kidlets on the front of my reading folders.

My students and parents LOVE that I send home take-home reading books. In this pack, I explain EVERYTHING you need to know about how to set up a take-home reading system in your classroom!

This pack gives you everything you need to learn how to set up a take-home reading system in your class!  Just add books!

Included in this pack:
  • Folder Front Covers (5 options and customizable)
  • Reading at Home Folder Back Cover Letter (4 options)
  • Parent Reading Log Form
  • Teacher Reading Log Form
  • We Need Your Books Back (letter)
  • Pictures of folders and examples
  • Tips and Tricks
  • How to Build up Take-Home Library

Vegas!! {Linky Party!}

Wow, wow, wow!! I'm not even sure there are words to describe how much fun we had in Vegas this past week! 

As most of you probably know, we went to Vegas to attend the I Teach K Conference and Vegas Teacher Blogger Meet Up. 

Here's a peek at our trip!

It's so fun to have teaching friends from all over the country/world!! We had a blast hanging out together for 4 days straight! We relaxed by the pool, enjoyed yummy food, and even got to go see a hypnotist show. 

We were excited to see Ron Clark present his keynote address! He was every bit as amazing as we thought/hoped he would be!

Of course the real reason why we flew down to Vegas was to throw the biggest blogger party of the century! Our second annual Vegas Teacher Blogger Meet Up!

Here's a look at the gals who helped plan and organize this event:

Besides Rachelle and Natalie, we had help from Deedee, Kathleen, Hope, Erica, Kim, Deanna, and Cheryl! These girls helped us find sponsors, made name tags, and helped set up and plan this event.

As a special surprise, SDE arranged for Elvis to attend our meet up! 

TeachersPayTeachers very generously paid for our refreshments for the night and donated quite a few gift cards to give away as prizes. We were thrilled that John and Amy (CEO and Community Manager) could come clear from NYC!!

It was so fun to meet so many new friends! Thanks to everyone who came from all over to join us for the fun night!

Here's a peek at some of more of our special blogging buddies who were in attendance: 

{We have over 400 pictures from the event and there's no way we can show them all here on this blog post. For more pics, please visit our Facebook fan page!}


A huge thank you to our sponsors who made our Vegas meet-up possible!

Thank you to those who donated some fabulous prizes! 
Check out these links to see some amazing products just for TEACHERS!

{Here are some pics of all our happy winners!!}

I guess we better start planning next year's meet up...

Thanks for reading!

Did you attend the Vegas Blogger Meet Up? Please add your blog post about the trip to our linky party!!
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