Find the Missing Addend

Hello!  I wanted to introduce myself...I'm Rachelle and I blog at What the Teacher Wants.  When I say blog, I mean that I've taken a little break and now I feel like in order to write this blog post I must re-introduce myself to you! :)

It has been a crazy few months. I've started at my new school, which I LOVE.  I'm also training to be a Jazzercise Instructor.  I'm working out A LOT to build up my stamina and to be ready for the main stage.  Once I become certified in November, things will slow down and I'll be able to get back into a normal routine. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for being patient.  And not giving up on me. And for not throwing tomatoes at me. 

We will be working on Missing Addend and so I made a fun little center game.  I wanted to share it with you as a peace offering.  Think of the candy corn as Part-Whole-Whole (or a number bond or a math mountain).  The top number is the total, the bottom two numbers are the addends.  For this activity, I have my student add (start at the lowest number and count up to the total...their fingers will tell them the answer) to find the missing total, but my students will learn that you can subtract to find it as well.

For more Halloween ideas and printables, check it out {here}!


A Middle School Survival Guide said...

Hi Rachelle! Welcome back! I am just coming back from a 2+ year blogging hiatus and finding out that transitioning back is tough! Come visit! :)

Jessica said...

You have been on an amazing journey! It's good to take a break every once in a while. I feel like every fall hits me like a truck!

Thanks for the freebie!

Did you move to a new school location, or a totally new school and team of teachers?

What I Have Learned

Lory said...

Nice to meet you Rachelle.... I'm Lory at Lory's Page ;)
Thanks for the activity... we just finished this up last week and it will be a fun review!!
Congrats on your new position on stage ;). I'm sure you'll be an inspiration to many!!

Sarah Paul said...

Your followers would never give up on you! You could take the longest hiatus and we would still be here waiting at your blog-step. I can't wait to hear more about being a Jazzercise instructor! Thank you for the wonderful Missing Addend activity! Anything candy corn-themed makes me happy. :) Welcome back my friend!

the impossible quiz said...

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Anonymous said...

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