Predicting Introduction Kinder and 1st

As we work on more comprehension strategies in my classroom, I've noticed that many of my students don't know what the word "prediction" means!  So, I hurried and created a mini-lesson to help!

First, you introduce what predicting means {guessing is what I compare it to} and use these cards to hang on the board:

Then, you tell them that when they predict what is going to happen in a story, they can say one of the following:

We then read the book, Do you Want to Be My Friend? By Eric Carle.

This is a perfect book to predict! The mouse is looking for a friend. On each page it gives a hint as to what animal he will ask to be his friend {it shows their tail}.  I have my kiddos raise their hand if they can predict what animal it might be. They will say:

I predict...
I bet...
I think...

After that, we practice our predicting skills!  I use these animal posters and cover up most of the picture and have them predict what animal it is. {so when you download this mini-lesson, you'll have to cut out your pictures and find a piece of paper to cover up most of the picture}

They record each animal on their recording sheet. Afterward, we go through to see if their predictions were correct.

Click {HERE} to download the predicting mini-lesson!

Clipart/Fonts copyright Dianne J. Hook


Ashley Sanderson said...

My kids LOVED this lesson when we worked on predicting. So engaging! They asked to do it all week long! Had to make new pictures to let them predict from ;)

Mrs. Griffith said...

I did this lesson 3 and 4 years ago for my observation when I first became a teacher. My kids and administration LOVED it! So fun and engaging : )

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