End of Year Emoji Writing and Bulletin Board

I decided after having my bulletin board the same for the past 4 months, I'd change it up.  I love incorporating writing with my bulletin board and this one was so much fun! As the school year is winding down, my students keep saying how much they are going to miss me OR they can't wait for 2nd grade.  I decided to have them write about how they felt leaving 1st grade and we of course had to use EMOJIS!

I printed the emojis on yellow paper and glued them each to a white poster. I had the students walk around and write different emotions that each of the emojis were showing. 

Here's an example:

Then we gathered the posters and talked about each emotion and how they relate to how we are feeling about leaving this grade-level and entering a new one. 
They then picked the emoji that most strongly represented how they felt. I went through each poster and they raised their hand to tell me if they wanted that one. If so, I put a tally of how many copies to make of that emoji on the back of its poster.

They then began to write using the circled writing paper. When they were finished, they brought up their writing paper and picked up their emoji cover. I stapled the two at the top of the circle and they cut both out at the same time. This way, it remained stapled.


Becca Sadler said...

What a fantastic visual board as well as a great end-of-the-year writing reflection! Thanks for sharing your brilliant idea!

Andrew2 said...

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Just BD said...
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Just BD said...

The visual board is the awesome idea for students, I usually follow https://qanda.typicalstudent.org/ where i found really good resources for teachers and students as well.

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